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  1. snurblet

    "Cydia is not yet prepared to accept money..."

    I've been away from iOS for a couple of years, but I don't recall ever seeing this message in Cydia on previous devices. Substrate was updated this morning, so Saurik is obviously busy hammering away at upgrades, but it's weird to see tweaks updated for the newest firmware and ready to go, but...
  2. snurblet

    App switcher is slow after respring

    Following each respring, the app switcher is slow to open the first time. After it's been opened once, it opens normally afterwards, until I respring again. Does anyone know of any tweaks that cause this? I've been disabling them via SBSettings to find the culprit with no luck. I thought...
  3. snurblet

    Can't delete a downloading app.

    I deleted Rage HD ages ago, and every so often when I'm fiddling with iTunes it'll try to re-install itself. I have it paused on my springboard now, but the delete badge won't show when I set the icons wiggling. The delete badge does show on other icons that are fully installed. I've also not...
  4. snurblet

    Cydia message: "ILLEGAL REPOSITORY"...?

    I opened Cydia, everything looked normal, then opened it again a minute later and got this message: I only have two user-added repos: and moyashi, neither of which host cracked apps, TMK. I've never seen this message before. Um...?
  5. snurblet

    In praise of the humble Incase Slider

    I've been looking at different cases lately for my iPhone 4, and I picked up an Incase Slider at Best Buy. I might have maybe, sort of owned one once and returned it immediately in favor of my Otterbox (can't remember), but I wanted something more pocket-friendly for work. It's a simple, no frills...
  6. snurblet

    Is this Verizon case available for or compatible with the AT&T iPhone?

    I've seen a couple of these cases, but never handled one extensively. I'm guessing it's a store model for Verizon, but wonder if it can be had for the AT&T phone: From:
  7. snurblet

    Otterbox Reflex: initial impressions

    I got my Reflex today for my iPhone 4. I love my Defender, but I wanted something less bulky and less silicone-y. I guess it's just my critical nature (aka "finikiness"), but I'm generally struck more by what I don't like than what I do like about something, so take that into account. Most of the...
  8. snurblet

    Change SSH password without Mobile Terminal?

    I use a Windows pc, and 4.2.1. When I was on 4.1 I used the updated version of MT. It changed the password, but caused conflicts, so I had to remove it. Before I install/change password/uninstall again, is there another way? Thanks.
  9. snurblet

    iFile stuck on loading screen (spinning wheel)...workaround?

    The Dev has released two updates with fixes for this bug, but it's still happening with me. When iFile tries to launch on a missing file/folder, it gets stuck on the spinning wheel loading screen. I deleted some packages in Cydia that I was working on, and iFile is stuck trying to relaunch that...
  10. snurblet

    File path for camera roll photos?

    Is it possible to access the camera roll photos in iFile? I tweaked an element with Photoshop Express and saved it to my camera roll, and I'd like to copy/paste it using iFile, without transferring it through my pc. Thanks.
  11. snurblet

    Non-retina mail icon in status bar

    I'm posting this in the JB section because I think it's a JB/app issue. The hi-res mail icon in my status bar is gone after updating to 4.2.1, replaced with this: I swear I've read about icons showing between the battery and the percentage, but I've searched for an hour and can't find...
  12. snurblet

    PKGBackup problems with greenpoison?

    Anybody having problems with their PKGbackup restore? I was on 4.1, updated to 4.2.1, and jailbroke without issue. I know Cydia is getting slammed, but PKGbackup failed to restore most settings even for packages that did get reinstalled, and only a few bits and bobs of my SB layout. Anyone...
  13. snurblet

    Curious Cydia crash

    Earlier today Cydia started closing everytime I clicked the Changes tab. I deleted a couple of recent repos, and thought it had been fixed. Now I'm finding that the Changes list loads, but as soon as I scroll down to the header "New at Jan 11, 2011, 6:27:20 AM" and it comes fully into view...
  14. snurblet

    Water, iPhones, and incoming calls?

    It's been said many times, if your phone (or any electronic device) gets wet, you should not try to turn it on, in order to prevent circuits from shorting when power is delivered to them. But what about incoming calls? I never see any reference to this when the Bag O' Rice trick is recommended...
  15. snurblet

    My EiC post has appeared on another forum: ?

    Today I posted this thread in the Jailbreak forum: Theming iOS4 with iFile / SSH?. While googling more info, I came across my OP on another forum I've never heard of before: This is a new one for me. Anybody know what's going...
  16. snurblet

    Theming iOS4 with iFile / SSH?

    I'm not into full-blown themes (yet), but there are some things I want to tweak. Can someone point me to a step-by-step guide for changing individual elements with iFile and/or SSH? I'm using the lockscreen slider as a starting point. It's made up of a few graphical components, plus the text...
  17. snurblet

    CallLock: locks your phone screen during calls :)

    CallLock. It locks your screen with a slider during calls to prevent accidentally hitting buttons. It installs set to manual mode by default (press the power button while on a call), but can be set to automatically engage. I make a fair amount of calls to automated answering systems that...
  18. snurblet

    Is it OK to delete RockApp now?

    I only have Rock App installed because pre-merger, it was necessary to maintain my two licenses for Intelliscreen and PkgBackup. Cydia doesn't yet seem to have a user account page that details what licenses were successfuly transferred and are now on file there (at least, I can't find it)...
  19. snurblet


    Taken from the thread about FoldersInFolders, it looks like FolderEnhancer has taken the lead. :) $1.99 in Cydia, $0.99 upgrade if you already have Categories SB. My reasons for liking it: -Faster folder opening -Multiple pages within folders -Multi-Icon Mover compatible -Five Column SB...
  20. snurblet

    I need an idiot's guide to Backgrounder

    OK, I'm new to iPhone 4 and the native multitasking functionality. Backgrounder used to be simple: the app either ran in the background or it didn't. Now with all the options for configuration, I'm lost, especially as so many of the options seem to overlap/contradict each other. Then you've got apps...