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  1. asuandy

    Trouble with .Mac

    try this link on Apple discussions. I changed my outgoing server port and it worked
  2. asuandy

    Does washing the Revo really help with lint?

    I have seen it posted on here, but I wanted to verify before I tried. So far I like my Revo (Nighthawk), but it's a lint magnet :(
  3. asuandy

    Offical iPhone Software Carrier Unlock Discussion

    AT&T in my area is better than Tmobile, so I for one am glad I switched. Tmobile is good for getting a lot of bang for your buck. They don't offer the best phones or have good service in my area at least.
  4. asuandy

    Study Says iPhone Touch Screen Doesn't Improve Typing

    I don't think Apple set out to improve anyone's typing with the iPhone Keyboard. As noted in the keynote, it allows a flexibility not possible with a physical keyboard. This is evident in how the keyboard adapts and changes in Safari. The learning curve is somewhat steep in my opinion, but once...
  5. asuandy

    How do you fix a huge "other" file on your iPhone

    I haven't tried a restore yet, but I think I am going to have to :frown:
  6. asuandy

    How do you fix a huge "other" file on your iPhone

    I have seen this posted, but a search didn't bring anything up. Somehow, my sync got messed up and I now have a 1.5GB "other" file on my iPhone. How do I fix it? thanks for the help :2cool:
  7. asuandy

    iPhone eating the battery, What is it doing?

    I would definitely call Apple. The heat you are describing is indicative of a bad battery.
  8. asuandy

    refurbished $400 iPhone, Very tempting!

    Refurbished stuff from Apple is good or better than new. My Macbook, 30GB iPod video, and 8GB iPod Nano are all refurbs and have always worked perfectly and had no visible dings or blemishes :2cool:
  9. asuandy

    I need some battery advice

    I never use wifi, rarely get online with EDGE, and hardly ever use the iPod features. My typical usage is texting and email with a little talking. I am getting around 4 hours use and 13 hours of standby with around 1/4 of my battery left. I can NOT go more than a day and a half between charges...
  10. asuandy

    Best Buy Now have Macs

    This will be good for exposure, but Best Buy sales people arent the smartest and its not their fault if they arent trained. I have to say though that there is nothing like the awesome and fun atmosphere of an Apple Store. You can play with everything and everyone is really helpful. The last time...
  11. asuandy


    Why are you showing pictures of scratches on the top of the phone where the dock never touches it? The scratches on the bottom look like the ones that are associated with the silicone Incase. I could see a dock doing that if it was full of sand and broken glass :tounge:
  12. asuandy


    You mentioned that your dock was super tight? That seems irregular as mine is not snug at all. I have wiggle front, back, and side to side. I would say to get a new dock from Apple
  13. asuandy

    Can I just use WiFi overseas?

    just insert a paper clip into the hole on the sim slot and it pops right out. You can't miss
  14. asuandy

    How much can you fit on a 4GB iPhone?

    I have the 4GB as well and its plenty for me. I didn't get it to use as an iPod anyway, so I only have a few songs to demo it and some videos
  15. asuandy

    Returner's Remorse

    I purchased one on iDay and then took it back after 14 days because I just didn't like it at the time for whatever reason. Last Saturday I bought another :tounge: i had major returners remorse too
  16. asuandy

    Does Anyone's "Push" Email work?

    Mine worked for the first day and then stopped completely. Any tips or advice would be awesome. :laugh2:
  17. asuandy

    iPhone unlocked for other carriers

    this what i am saying. if you read the post in that forum it mentions something about the carrier banning your subscription if they found out it was happening, which leads me to think that doing this is all about "coulda and not shoulda"
  18. asuandy

    Light scratches on bezel normal after 1 day

    yeah just like that :wink:
  19. asuandy

    Light scratches on bezel normal after 1 day

    its just hard when you drop this kind of $$. you expect it to be perfect forever
  20. asuandy

    Light scratches on bezel normal after 1 day

    "ding" was the wrong word lol....yeah, very light scratches. my concern is that in a month, its gonna be a mess. Oh well, theres always the brushed metal trick i have been reading about