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  1. Alkali


    My friends, I used to have your application from Apple store but when I bought this new phone it's no longer available. Please help.
  2. Alkali

    iPhone 6s Application store

    With regards, I just updated my iPhone today with the latest update and even before I noticed one amazing problem today. There are some few updates and I updated the updates but I noticed when I close the store figure 1 as shown above refused to go. I restart the device but problem persists...
  3. Alkali

    iPhone 6s Spotlight Search

    My dear friends, I have a problem with spotlight search and also safari. Whenever I input something to search I have to go to captcha before the search carry on. How do i disable/stop that?
  4. Alkali

    iPhone 6s iMessage Issue

    My friends, I have a problem that disturbs me lots! In Nigeria no one uses iMessage, the GSM networks does not allow it. My problem is despite that I find it impossible to send regular Sms to some numbers in my contacts I kept getting error message " before iMessage can be sent you have to...
  5. Alkali

    Internal Memory

    My dear friends, I have a simple question. My iPad memory is now full such that even updating a small app is not possible from the store. The Photo application is the culprit chewing over 8gb. I have two questions: 1. I have disabled iCloud Photo but if I where to go further by deleting all...
  6. Alkali

    iPhone 6s IPhone Contact Search

    My friends, When I open Contact App and wants to search for a contact the contact search does not work. Suppose I search for "John" by writing "Jo" it will return empty field. Please help. I have iPhone 6s with the latest iOS.
  7. Alkali

    iPhone 6s IPhone 6s contacts

    My dear friends, By default when you save a new phone number it goes to HOME instead of mobile,How do I change that to mobile?
  8. Alkali

    iPhone 6s How do I change the position of my favorites?

    Hi members, I have upgraded to 9.1. Wanted to edit my favorites by moving some up the line but no matter how I try it's not happening. Restarted the phone but still. Please help. Alkali.
  9. Alkali

    iPhone 6s Access to playback controls after sharing video with AirDrop

    I have transferred a video from my iPhone to iPad but I cannot see how to increase or decrease the volume or even to move forward or backward the play. Is this normal? Alkali.
  10. Alkali

    iCloud Keychain not working after upgrade to iPhone 6s

    My dear friends, I made a mess of my iPhone/iPad and Mac keychain when I purchased the latest iPhone 6s. In trying to set it up all others Chain seems to be not working. I un toggled all ON and OFF still? Please help.
  11. Alkali

    iCloud Photo Duplicates

    Dear Friends, I have tones of duplicate of photos on all my Apple devices running iCloud.Its visually impossible to delete them one by ones as apple suggested because they are not spaced closely, some are not closed to one another. i tried both Tidyup and photo cleaner to nor avail.Please help.
  12. Alkali

    Amazon Mobile

    My friends, I am encountering problem with my Amazon mobile since iOS 9 upgrade,It refuses it open. Days ago before the upgrade I found it difficult to view Amazon desktop on my iPhone but after the update and visited Amazon via Safari and requested desktop and later when I tried Amazon mobile...
  13. Alkali

    Yosemite and Pictures

    My friends, I used to sync my pictures with iphoto via iTunes in between my Macbook Pro, iPad and my iPhone 6 without any issue. With Yosemite upgrade i can no longer do so and the option to use the new iphoto Application is not available for my country, the only option is to use iCloud between...
  14. Alkali

    App Store Shows Update Despite Previously Updating App

    My friends how are you? I have a Mac with OS X Yosemite version 10.10.3 and have this problem with Application Store Updates. New version 10.10.4 is out as well as iMovie update but in spite of the fact i have downloaded and downloaded several times it still shows the updates are pending to be...
  15. Alkali

    Spotlight Search

    My Friends, I have the latest software installed but I noticed that when I am on main screen and draw down I cannot get search result when I typed. It wasn't as such before.
  16. Alkali

    Mac Pro Yosemite & iTunes.

    My dear friends how are you? I own 2011 MacBook Pro and have downloaded the latest operating system but I do have a small problem. After the upgrade i noticed there is an iTunes upgrade to 12.0.2 which i also upgraded but despite the iTunes upgrade and restarting my computer I noticed that...
  17. Alkali

    Unable to authorize App Store purchases using Touch ID

    Friends, I read somewhere that Touch ID works in the application Store but how cause' mine doesn't?
  18. Alkali

    Screen flickering, phone hangs

    Dear friends, I am having dual problem with my new phone. The screen flickers, darkens a bit and then lightens. 2) whenever I use the phone much then it starts hooking. I have the latest software.
  19. Alkali

    Does double-pressing quickly bypass Touch ID?

    My friends, I have iPhone 6 with latest software but I noticed from lock screen, it will open when I pressed the home button twice in quick succession by fassing touch ID. I would have thought after the the required time set of 5 minutes,only touch ID will work. Please help and thanks.
  20. Alkali

    Looking for site to download and watch movies offline

    I have just purchased this wonderful device solely to watch movies but for the life of me cannot find a site that sells movies to download and watch offline. Please help. Thanks very much.