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  1. iErik

    Live Photos as watch faces

    Just in case you didn't know, you can use Live Photos as watch faces and they do animate. However, they're not as smooth as the stock motion faces and they don't seem to play the whole clip. At least there's potential here! :-)
  2. iErik

    iPhone 6s Live Photos don't animate when swiping in camera roll

    Like the title says my Live Photos don't animate when you are swiping through the camera roll. They work just fine when you press on them but that's it. I distinctly remember that this was supposed to be a function. Is it working for others?
  3. iErik

    iPhone 6s Can't backup to cloud ... normal on iDay?

    I'm having issues backing my 6 up to the cloud in preparation for my 6sP. Auto backup failed last night and I can't get in to backup manually, either. I keep getting "the last backup could not be completed". I do have a back up from the previous evening (9/23) but I'd like to get a current back...
  4. iErik

    iPhone 6s 6s Live Wallpapers

    Here they are ... blue/yellow fish orange fish blue fish blue ink purple ink white ink Looking forward to seeing user made wallpapers in the near future, too!
  5. iErik

    iPhone 6s At&t bumps throttling cap to 22GB on grandfathered UDP's

    Good news for those who held onto your UDP's from At&t. They now won't begin throttling (on congested towers) until you hit 22GB. This is just going to make my 6s Plus experience even sweeter! Still no tethering, but it's a start! :-) Article here.
  6. iErik

    Why does my camera roll file look like this?

    Hi everyone. This ones has had me perplexed for a while so I figured it was time to ask around. I've had this issue since my iPhone 5. I always figured it was a side effect of jailbreaking but when I got the 6 and set up as a new phone the issue has arisen again even on the clean phone. I've...
  7. iErik

    The ultimate Apple Watch third party bands with photos, reviews

    In the last few days I've started receiving a few of the extra bands I've ordered from eBay and Apple. And there's more on the way! :-) Here's the bright blue leather loop from Apple. Very comfy and I love the color. Here's a casual brown leather band from eBay. It was only $8 so I took...
  8. iErik

    First impressions of Leather Loop band for Apple Watch

    Leather Loop first impressions... I ordered two loop bands around launch (stone and bright blue) and today the stone one arrived. First thing I noticed was the packaging. The band came in a heavy plastic box (the weight really surprised me) that resembled the packaging for the Watch Sport. I...
  9. iErik

    Need suggestion for free video conversion software

    Hi everyone. Would someone please recommend some free video conversion software. I have a few videos I need to make iTunes friendly. I did some Googling but I really don't like downloading software from the net without a recommendation first. Would prefer software that will allow me to convert...
  10. iErik

    Apple Watch 42mm and Pebble Steel side-by-side

    Hi everyone! I was able to order a 42mm stainless steel with white sports band on launch night and got the first delivery window. I've been keeping up with all the forum and news hype which included a lot of pics that show the watch on people's wrists. I have to say, some made the watch look...
  11. iErik

    Wallet/cards organizer app

    Can anyone suggest an app that will allow me to photograph the front and back of all the cards in my wallet that I barely use so I'd not have to carry them around with me all the time? Thanks.
  12. iErik

    AT&T unlocked my in contract iPhone 6 ... have a few questions

    **edit** It appears At&t is handing out unlocks like candy to subsidized in-contract or unpaid-off Next plan iPhones. Not sure if this is a system error or new policy but go get your unlock while you can! *** Hi folks. I was reading on another forum that...
  13. iErik

    Pebble has me pretty excited for Apple Watch

    I've been intrigued by the Apple Watch ever since the rumors started about it, mostly for the health/exercise tracking capabilities - everything else would just be a perk. The only issue was I haven't worn a watch in 15-20 years. I wasn't sure if I'd be into wearing one again and I really didn't...
  14. iErik

    Just had my AT&T upgrade fee waived

    I just had an internet chat with AT&T and had my $40 upgrade fee waived for my iPhone 6. I first asked if a waiver was part of my FAN discount and it wasn't. I then asked if they would just waive it for being a loyal customer and they did. Didn't even have to fight for it. They noted the waiver...
  15. iErik

    How to revert a contact back to default SMS tone?

    I set a custom SMS tone for a contact and now I can't seem to revert back to the default. When I choose the "text tone" option in the contact there's a default option toward the top but it's currently set to my ringtone and can't be changed. I can't figure out what's going on. So currently if...
  16. iErik

    Friend switched to Android ... iMessage problem

    My friend recently switched to an Android from iPhone and I've been having texting issues ever since. My phone wants to always send the text as an iMessage. If i keep the app open while it's sending the iMessage will fail and it will send as an SMS. If I close the app while it's sending I'll get...
  17. iErik

    Anyone figure out how to change carrier logo iOS7?

    I've tried some of the non-jailbreak methods that supposedly worked for iOS6 such as iFunBox and CarrierEditor but they don't seem to work for iOS7. Just wondering if anyone's been successful doing this with a phone on iOS7? Thanks.
  18. iErik

    Why are some apps killing my AirPlay connection?

    I picked up an Apple TV 3 today and am enjoying it so far. I do love the AirPlay feature for HBO Go but have noticed that some apps, especially games like Words with Friends and Candy Crush, will stop the AirPlay connection from working when most other apps have no problems. Why is this...
  19. iErik

    Speaker Buzz

    I'm surprised I haven't seen this posted ... unless I'm the only one experiencing it. My iPhone5 makes speakers buzz. Not exactly like the iPhones did back before 4g (GSM interference), but very similar. Right now, as I sit here and update my phone, it's making by computer speakers buzz. Move it...
  20. iErik

    SSH won't turn off

    I did a little searching and couldn't find anything. I discovered tonight that even though SSH shows to be deactivated in SBsettings it is still on since I'm able to connect via WinSCP. I've reinstalled SSH and SBsettings and that hasn't helped. Any ideas? Thanks. iPhone 4 5.1.1 Erik