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  1. powersrus

    Full body case I've got the red case and I have to say that I love this style of case cause the screen is protected at all times be it in your pocket or purse (if a woman) like me. Also the cover has no magnets, it just kinda curves around at the top and goes up and...
  2. powersrus

    Decisions, decisions what should I do ?

    :045:thumbs_up:045:thumbs_upDO IT..DO IT..DO IT! OMG, I just can't see myself with any other phone but the iPhone!
  3. powersrus

    very dim screen when waking phone after sleep mode

    The problem I have lately is when I receive a call the screen does not light up at all to show who's calling. The phone is ringing but the screen is blank as if its asleep. The only way I could get it to light up the screen so that I could answer the call was to push the home button. So anyone...
  4. powersrus

    Keyboard click sound fading as you text?

    You know when I got my 3gs and was messing around with it I did turn on that speak auto-text. Just turned it off and that seems to have fixed the problem! Thanks a lot! :smile:
  5. powersrus

    Keyboard click sound fading as you text?

    See I notice also today on mine when I was dialing a phone number that the sound was doing the same thing too.
  6. powersrus

    Keyboard click sound fading as you text?

    Thanks for being so helpful..... You know it's answers like this one that causes so many members to leave this website.
  7. powersrus

    Keyboard click sound fading as you text?

    No that's fine to ask that question, but no I am not blocking the speaker. Already checked that by lying the iPhone down on my desk and typing with one finger.
  8. powersrus

    Keyboard click sound fading as you text?

    Anyone else have this happening? When I'm texting the keyboard click sound goes from loud to very low then back up loud again. Tried restarting it but still does it.
  9. powersrus

    High-Frequency Tone From iPhone 3GS?

    Say this over at iPhonefreakz . Anyone hear it on theirs? I can hear it on mine. High-Frequency Tone From iPhone 3GS?“Are you enjoying your brand new iPhone 3G S? Did you get a 16GB or a 32GB? Well, that won’t matter if people are experiencing what we...
  10. powersrus

    Headphone controls?

    Well I just tried my headphones in another 3gs and it is definitely the 3gs model. I tried it and it did the exact same thing as in my phone....nothing. Yay Apple wants us to use their crappy headphones! I'm gonna send something their way now.
  11. powersrus

    Headphone controls?

    Hey I just got my new 3gs and I went to listen to some music and I plugged in my radius headphones and the controls on the headphones don't work. I tried them in my old iPhone to make sure that it wasn't the headphones and it's not. Is anyone else's phone doing this? Or is there something wrong...
  12. powersrus

    Who ordered from AT&T and have you got shipped date yet?

    yes my 2 iPhones are On FedEx vehicle for delivery to my local AT&T store at this moment. I was figuring I wasn't gonna get mine till after the 19th since I didn't pre-order till the 13th.
  13. powersrus

    Who ordered from AT&T and have you got shipped date yet?

    yes, just saw my 2 3gs have shipped and should arrive at my local AT&T store on the 18th by 3pm! Delivered by FedX. I placed my orders on the 13th so everyone just keep checking. Good luck everyone!
  14. powersrus

    Who ordered from AT&T and have you got shipped date yet?

    Well I ordered my 2 from my local AT&T store on the 13th only got the email saying in process so far. Called them back today to see if they knew anything and they didn't. Then he told me if i hadn't gotten a email saying it had shipped or if i just wanted to come down and wait in the line...
  15. powersrus

    Delivery dates for online orders

    I just pre-ordered 2 3G S iPhones from the AT&T store here. Was told the cutoff date was yesterday to have them for sure in the store for pickup on the 19th. The guy that took my order said they just found that out late last night before they closed. But he said they still might be there by the...
  16. powersrus

    Read this about pre-ordering...

    Just ran across this , a must for 3GS buyers. Watch the video.
  17. powersrus

    Can I use 3G SIM card from v1 iPhone in iPhone 3GS?

    Yes I got 3 V1 iPhones on launch day and they have sim cards that say 3g on them. so that should mean that I should be able to put it in the 3G or the 3GS iPhones, right? My husband is taking our sons 3G and our son is gonna use his dads eligible upgrade to get the 3GS for himself so will all...
  18. powersrus

    Upgrading to 3G S on Diff Account

    Okay so we have a Family Plan , my son got his 3G last July on launch day and it says he isn't eligible for upgrade till 3/10/10. My husband has the first iPhone and his is eiigible now. so he wants to give his dad his 3G and then he get the new 3GS on his dads eligible upgrade, so wouldn't all...
  19. powersrus

    Replaced battery yet?...

    Just was wondering if any first gen iPhone owners have had to replace their battery yet? It has been almost 1 year and 5 months since I got mine on iday.....Yep still got the original one I purchased!:laugh2: Anyone else still got the original one they bought on iday? Just curious.....
  20. powersrus

    Just found out that...

    Because I work at Walmart I can get a 15% discount off my monthly AT&T cellphone bill! Man that was some great news. Also just got the (family unlimited text messaging for $30) so that was a big savings since my son was always going over and me too some times. Hee Hee.....just thought I would...