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  1. iPutz

    iPhone 11 Got my new iPhone 11

    Finally, I just retired my iPhone 7 and got a new iPhone 11 about two weeks ago and really like it. I had to recharge my old 7 every night in order to make it through the day. Granted my battery health was down to about 80%, but even when it was new I was almost always down to about 30%...
  2. iPutz

    iPhone 7 Whatever happened to ask a question get an answer here???

    Every post listed since September 14, 2018 seems to defy logic. Not one question just a listing of web addresses that have nothing to do with seeking advice about any iDevice I've ever seen. The only thing that come to mind after viewing many of those posts is "Whisky Tango Foxtrot"!!!
  3. iPutz

    iTunes wont start after being closed out.

    I start up iTunes, sync my iPhone to my computer's Outlook software and then I'll close out iTunes. I'll check that all the changes are reflected on the computer and on my phone and everything is as it should be. If I make some additional changes a couple hours later and want to sync them I'll...
  4. iPutz

    Incompatible app update

    If the app isn't compatible with my iPad 3 why is even listed as an available update and how do I get rid of the listing?
  5. iPutz

    Maps stopped working in iOS GM beta

    So I downloaded and installed the iOS11 GM onto my iPhone 7 and find that Apple Maps is no longer working. When I tap on the Maps icon the screen goes white for something less than a second and then it reverts back to the screen where the Maps icon is located. I tried a hard reset but that...
  6. iPutz

    iPhone 7 iTunes "Apply" button Problem

    I've Googled this problem and also searched through the forum for any answers but am coming up with nothing. Why does iTunes constantly require me to press the "Apply" button during a sync session with my iPhone 7. I am running the latest versions of both iTunes and iOS. This happens at least...
  7. iPutz

    Export blocked numbers list from iPhone

    Does anyone know of a way to export the list of blocked phone numbers from the iPhone? I'm using an iPhone 6 running iOS 10.3.3. There is no real reason for doing this, I'm just curious.
  8. iPutz

    iPhone 7 Computer won't sense when my iPhone 7 is connected

    I just ran into an unexpected problem while trying to sync my iPhone with my PC. I've synced my phone to the computer many times in the past with no problem but this morning the computer would not recognize that the phone was connected when I plugged it into the PC. I'm using the latest...
  9. iPutz

    Otterbox Defender issue

    I have used an Otterbox Defender case on all of my iPhones since day one and wouldn't think of using anything else to protect my phone. However, I have noticed with all of the cases that after a year or so the rubber or silicone outer shell seems to get slightly larger and softer to the point...
  10. iPutz

    Where are the street names in Find My Friends

    Following the most recent update to iOS 10.3.2 on my iPhone 7, the street names are missing from the maps in Find My Friends when looking at the Hybrid and Satellite views. This is also true of my iPad 3 running iOS 9.3.5. The Standard view does still show the street names. I did report this...
  11. iPutz

    Battery life under iOS 10.3.1

    I updated to iOS 10.3.1 on my iPhone 7 about three weeks ago and here lately it seems that my battery barely makes it through the day, with 10-20% left at the end of the day. The battery used to end the day at 40-60%. I can't say that I am using it any more or less than I used to but I'm...
  12. iPutz

    iPhone 8 fingerprint sensor on the back??

    I'm seeing rumors on iClarified, CNET and other sites, about the iPhone 8's fingerprint sensor being relocated to the back of the phone below the Apple logo. I hope Apple does not place the fingerprint sensor on the back of the new iPhone 8. For me, that location will greatly hinder one handed...
  13. iPutz

    iOS 10.3 is out?

    I just connected to iTunes to sync my PC with my phone and it says 10.3 is ready for download to my iPhone. I guess it has been released. Here Goes nothing.
  14. iPutz

    Link error in EIC

    I'm using the EIC app and every time I try to connect with a link in a post I get the following error: I have tried several different links always with the same result. This is also happening when I access the site using Safari. Any ideas?
  15. iPutz

    iPhone 7 Siri cannot make up her mind.

    I apologize in advance for this being such a long post but the problem is kind of difficult to describe otherwise. A week ago if I asked Siri to "Send a text to Kevin XXXX" she would respond with "What do you want to say to Kevin XXXX" and I would speak my message and Siri would send it no...
  16. iPutz

    iPhone 6 locks up in speakerphone mode.

    A good friend of mine has an iPhone6 with a peculiar problem that I am hoping someone may have a solution for. The phone was working fine until the latest software update to 10.1.1 was installed. After that update, the phone started having problems whenever it was placed in speakerphone mode...
  17. iPutz

    iOS 10.1.1 is out

    I just noticed that iOS 10.1.1 is available. Not sure what fixes are being addressed .
  18. iPutz

    What happened to location Services in iOS 10.1??

    I updated my iPhone 7 to iOS 10.1 and noticed that my Location Services icon at the top of the screen is always on. I force quit all apps that were in the background and the icon is still on. I went looking for the Location Services settings and found them and they all appeared to be set as I...
  19. iPutz

    iOS 10.0.3 is available

    I just noticed that iOS 10.0.3 is available for everyone as an OTA update. It supposedly fixes cellular connectivity issues some users were having.
  20. iPutz

    iPhone 7 PC no longer recognizes my iPhone 7

    With my iPhone 6, I could plug it into my PC, click on My Computer and find the Phone listed as a folder named "My iPhone". I could open that folder and find all of my photos and copy them to my computer for storage and backup then delete them from the phone. Since I have changed over to an...