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  1. danipoak

    app restrictions

    My work gave me an ipad to use but what they do is install the one app you need and then turn on restrictions so you cannot access the app store and install any more apps. Is there any possible way around this besides doing a straight up restore? They load on a bunch of documents as well so I...
  2. danipoak

    iPhone V1 Digitizer Replacement

    I just need someone who is more familiar with this to confirm for me: Is this all I need to replace the digitizer for my original iPhone? I know I will...
  3. danipoak

    MacBook Magic Mouse and OSX/Bootcamp Windows 7

    Does anybody here have a magic mouse and use it with Windows 7 and bootcamp by chance? I have it running great in OSX. I can get it up and running in Windows 7 but when I restart the mouse no longer works in Windows 7. I've been scouring the net for a couple days but cannot seem to find...
  4. danipoak

    ETF Fee's

    Anyone had any success with or know anybody who has with getting the ETF fee waived? I've read a few things about it on line but my case is slightly different. I do live in what is supposed to be a coverage area except I don't have any. I've called AT&T and they say there are a number of cell...
  5. danipoak

    iTunes and reformat

    I am going to be reformatting my macbook over the weekend and was wondering if there is a way to backup all of my iTunes playlists so that I do not have to go and re create them all. help?
  6. danipoak

    Airport connectivity issues

    So I've been having some connectivity issues with the wireless network at my school with my snow leopard macbook. I can connect to the actual network but when I do it says that "airport has a self assigned ip address and cannot connect to the internet." I've googled around for this and it...
  7. danipoak

    Google Voice

    So now that Google voice is up and running has anyone set it up? I can't get mine to work. I try to add a number and it tries to call me to verify and I have to input a 2 digit verification code that never works. Wondering if anyone has had any success with it.
  8. danipoak

    A camera idea

    With the apps that are coming out for the iPhone that are supposed to plug into the usb what if someone made a better quality camera that could plug into it? I would think they could make it nearly as good as many of the compact digital camera they have now but much smaller as they would not...
  9. danipoak

    Beta 4 no music

    Besides restoring what are my options, if any. I installed beta four last night. iTunes says there is music on the phone but the phone says there isn't anything on it.
  10. danipoak

    Can I use PC software while running Mac OS X?

    I have no idea if this is possible but I really don't know all that much about OSX yet. I bought a set of very nice Polish-English English-Polish dictionaries awhile back. They came with a CD but of course, the CD only works for windows. I know I could setup bootcamp and run it that way but...
  11. danipoak

    MacBook MacBook sluggish

    So I have now had my Macbook for just over a year and it has just now started to become noticeably more sluggish than it was. It used to log me in in less than 10 seconds. Now I would say it's under a minute. Programs start up slower, the disaster of a program that is iTunes is now even more...
  12. danipoak

    Old mp3 player

    Years ago I bought an iriver h320 mp3 player. I let my dad borrow it for awhile and while he was using it he accidentally put it in the washing machine with his clothes. He bought me an iPod to replace it. Just today I was cleaning some things out and stumbled upon it and figured what the...
  13. danipoak

    Safari Tabbed Browsing

    I know you can open up new tabs by hitting the command + T key. I also know that if you want a link to open up in a new tab you can cold down command and click the link. Is there a way, like with firefox, to simply click the link and have it open in a new tab? I found the option for links...
  14. danipoak

    MacBook MacBook crack

    OK I thought I would get some of your opinions before I waste my time going into the Apple store and fighting with people. I have a piece of plastic cracking off the side of the screen on my macbook. I want to know if any of you think it is worth it to go in and get warranty service on the...
  15. danipoak

    Text messege reminder

    Perhaps I am just being stupid here but I cannot find a way to turn off that annoying setting where the phone keeps reminding me that I received a text message. I swear that the phone asked me if I wanted it on and now I can't find a way to shut it off. Anyone know how?
  16. danipoak

    3G in Salt Lake

    I've noticed a few people with iPhones on this forum that live in Salt Lake and I am wondering if any of them have gotten the new phones and experienced the 3G on them? I am from Alaska and live up here during the summers but go down there for school so as of right now there is no point in me...
  17. danipoak

    Upgrade to 3G and a family account

    I have a 1st gen. iPhone and I want to upgrade to the 3g and also get my wife a 3, right now were on two separate plans at the moment. I've heard conflicting things from the AT&T people about this, the $30 internet charge, does that apply to both of us or do we both have to pay it if we join...
  18. danipoak

    Video renting

    Not exactly sure where to put this since it deals with my macbook, iPhone, and iTunes so I'll just stick it here. I want to rent a couple of videos off of iTunes for my flight on Friday and there are a few things I am unsure about. 1. can a jailbroken 1.1.4 phone take the rented movies? 2. I...
  19. danipoak

    Apple Advertising

    So I thought I'd see how everyone else feels on this topic, maybe I'm the only one but does anyone else hate every single one of the advertisements put out by Apple on television? I think their advertising campaign is so bad that I'm almost embarrassed to say that I use Apple products.
  20. danipoak

    Phone part not working

    OK sort of an interesting problem. I can make calls and receive them but nothing is heard on either end. There are no sounds for text message alerts either. I had it updated to 1.1.4 yesterday and jailbroken and it the phone worked after I did that. Later this afternoon it stopped working...