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  1. powersrus

    Keyboard click sound fading as you text?

    Anyone else have this happening? When I'm texting the keyboard click sound goes from loud to very low then back up loud again. Tried restarting it but still does it.
  2. powersrus

    High-Frequency Tone From iPhone 3GS?

    Say this over at iPhonefreakz . Anyone hear it on theirs? I can hear it on mine. High-Frequency Tone From iPhone 3GS?“Are you enjoying your brand new iPhone 3G S? Did you get a 16GB or a 32GB? Well, that won’t matter if people are experiencing what we...
  3. powersrus

    Headphone controls?

    Hey I just got my new 3gs and I went to listen to some music and I plugged in my radius headphones and the controls on the headphones don't work. I tried them in my old iPhone to make sure that it wasn't the headphones and it's not. Is anyone else's phone doing this? Or is there something wrong...
  4. powersrus

    Read this about pre-ordering...

    Just ran across this , a must for 3GS buyers. Watch the video.
  5. powersrus

    Replaced battery yet?...

    Just was wondering if any first gen iPhone owners have had to replace their battery yet? It has been almost 1 year and 5 months since I got mine on iday.....Yep still got the original one I purchased!:laugh2: Anyone else still got the original one they bought on iday? Just curious.....
  6. powersrus

    Just found out that...

    Because I work at Walmart I can get a 15% discount off my monthly AT&T cellphone bill! Man that was some great news. Also just got the (family unlimited text messaging for $30) so that was a big savings since my son was always going over and me too some times. Hee Hee.....just thought I would...
  7. powersrus

    Voicemail help!

    I recently updated my iPhone 3g to 2.0.2 and now whenever I try to access my voicemail by pressing the icon in phone it does nothing. I have tried to reset my voicemail password by calling 611 but that still doesn't work! So if someone could help me that would be great thanks.
  8. powersrus

    iPhone insurance - $8.99 a month Has anyone seen this our have it? I just heard an advertisement on my local radio station for it....Any thoughts or comments... Just wondering what everyone else thinks about it. Let me know. Never say anything like this before. Also they insure ipods...
  9. powersrus

    Nice Check out these cases, they are a back cover case which is great for some who have scratches on the back. I think they are very nice and also a very nice price .
  10. powersrus

    Selling my current iPhone question.

    I was just wondering that if and when i sell my current iPhone for the new one this might sound stupid but do it leave the sim card in and just restore the phone? or do i take it out and (obviously) restore the phone? if you could let me know that would be great. thanks.
  11. powersrus

    Genius Bar appointment.......:-(

    (Quote: Originally Posted by powersrus I'm wondering if they would replace my sons iPhone. His vibrate/on/off switch isn't working properly. He can have it set to vibrate but it will switch back and forth on its on and that causes problems...) (So I have an appointment at 5:00 Monday to take...
  12. powersrus

    Genius Bar Monday

    So I have an appointment at 5:00 Monday to take in my sons problem is mentioned above. The other ones are he has very bad signal and say he's on the internet and all of a sudden the iPhone will start to reboot. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or pointers for me before i take...
  13. powersrus

    Interface Mod...tried it yet?

    (WARNING: ONLY INSTALL ONE AT A TIME! UNINSTALL ONE BEFORE INSTALLING ANOTHER, THIS IS A MUST!) Has anyone tried this? I have and really like it you can check it out here which also gives you the source... I am using the purple one. I only...
  14. powersrus

    Customize 2.0.0B10...

    Is anyone else having problems with this version under (My Themes) and all of your themes not showing up half the time? And now in the last few days under (New) theres NO new themes in there? Anyone else having this problem our is it just me?:frown: Thanks...
  15. powersrus

    Installer's last update

    Did anyone notice that if you go to sources you can now refresh just individual sources without having to refresh them all? Right at the bottom of each source is a (Refresh Now). Glad they added this. Haven't seen anyone else mention it.
  16. powersrus

    Customize 2.0.0B9 is in Installer now!

    Customize 2.0.0B9 just showed up on installer when I refreshed it.
  17. powersrus

    PWNAGE help?

    Can someone help me in locating, or downloading the iPhone bootloaders for iPhone on the pwnage tool? It says it needs the images and i cant find them. So it would be great if you guys could help me out. Thanks in advance.
  18. powersrus

    Edit Signature

    It says in signature permissions that you CAN upload animated GIF for your signature...Does anyone know how to do this?
  19. powersrus

    Free SDK v $99 SDK

    Well, as many of you know, today (March 6,2008) Apple. Inc released the software development kit (SDK) for the iPhone. For those of you who do not know what the SDK is, it is a utility developed (and released) by Apple that allows the user to create for the iPhone, and either distribute them...
  20. powersrus

    What happened ?

    Man I was freakin out when the site went offline.... Anyone know what happened?