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  1. Toranz82

    New Version of Facebook for iPhone OS 3.0 Gets More Features

    Ugh I know where is this app already? I hate when they make us sit there waiting not knowing whats going on. :012:crying
  2. Toranz82

    Best Social networking App with real time GPS?

    Yep looks like its finally out! it should work. It didn't work for me earlier but it does work for me now. :ok:ok Google announced it on their blog here:
  3. Toranz82

    SportsTap push

    Thats true, thats why I'm mainly expecting a breaking news app from ESPN. And yes score updates for basketball would be annoying. It'd have to be limited to like every quarter or so.
  4. Toranz82

    SportsTap push

    yes its great. I just wish there was something for breaking news like with NBA's free agency (or any sport). Example: *Ding* Orlando Magic send Rafer Alston, Tony Battie, and Courtney Lee to the Nets in exchange for Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson!
  5. Toranz82

    SportsTap push

    LMAO! That's so true!
  6. Toranz82

    SportsTap push

    HAHA wow that'd be pretty awesome!
  7. Toranz82

    SportsTap push

    yes I don't think they'll charge though. At least i hope so
  8. Toranz82

    SportsTap push

    Hey yes I checked out SportsTab thats pretty cool, but it's too bad I can't receive breaking news from other leagues like NBA and NFL. Thats probably why I'll still want ESPN Alerts or if they decide to integrate ESPN Alerts with ESPN Scorecenter I hope they also include Breaking News into the...
  9. Toranz82

    ESPN updated...but...

    Ugh this ticks me off so much. They demoed their app at the iPhone firmware 3.0 preview back in march and they still can't get it out? ESPN Alerts was my most anticipated app for 3.0. I doubt they'll charge for their Alerts App. I think what happened was they had originally decided to release...
  10. Toranz82

    Best Social networking App with real time GPS?

    :D found the link! Now the only thing I'm mad about is that all my cousins who use Latitude on their blackberrys, because on a blackberry apps are able to run in the background their location...
  11. Toranz82

    Best Social networking App with real time GPS?

    yes I think your talking about Google Latitude. They gave a little demo of it at a conference before 3.0 was released. They said that they would be releasing Latitude for 3.0 but I haven't heard any update since. But the demo I saw of it showed that it would be a web app. I'm not sure of the...
  12. Toranz82

    Instant Messaging (AIM)

    Well actually supposedly AOL announced and previewed their AIM iPhone app. But I still haven't seen any videos of it but supposedly they're out there.
  13. Toranz82

    without 3G?

    like he said it auto-switches so don't worry
  14. Toranz82

    3G speeds DISAPPOINTING... *video proof*

    All i gotta say is that what do you all expect? this is over-the-air internet, and this is not japan. 3G is faster than EDGE period. If you don't think its going to be worth the $10 then don't do it.. but remember your getting GPS and a brand new iPhone. Plus i was paying extra anyways because 200...
  15. Toranz82

    Odds the iPhone 3G will be sold out iDay2?

    Well the only prob is that this year they are going to be selling the iPhone in a lot more countries around the world so they might have less of a stock than they had last year
  16. Toranz82

    Samsung Instinct=Fail. . .

    You know my friend says that these companies making iPhone copies are just try to make good competition, but I am sorry I just see this as not having any creativity. Just looks like Samsung saw how good the iPhone did and tried to copy it. In my personal opinion I feel this just makes Samsung...
  17. Toranz82

    Apple Store or AT&T

    Well being that the $199 and $299 prices are aimed at new AT&T customers and previous iPhone owners and that Apple and AT&T are making us go to the stores to activate our phones I would say that you should be able to go to your Local Apple Store to sign the contract. Or else the Apple Stores...
  18. Toranz82

    How should I feel about another iPhone coming this summer?

    I bought my iPhone the second day it came out (At&t store nearby didn't have very many in stock the first day, think they had like 15-20, kinda stupid). And well I've loved my iPhone even with the few problems and some missing features I was normally used to. And now there is talk of a new...
  19. Toranz82

    iPhone glass more durable than previously thought

    lol you better find some wood and knock on it QUICK
  20. Toranz82

    Returning my iPhone Today!

    yes i mean its Apple inc. they used to be called Apple Computer... they've never made a phone before...just give it time and they'll get the hang of it...As for my phone..i really don't see the battery problem(knock on wood), i can handle no picture mail (im sure it will come later), as far as...