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  1. chazm

    iOS 10 Bugs

    I'll try right now. But I thought this happened a couple of years ago with some people and it was a software thing.
  2. chazm

    iOS 10 Bugs

    Anyone having the "NO SIM CARD" issue? Since the update I've had it and it's getting worse every day
  3. chazm

    67 cool things in iOS 10

    Best one Mail can now unsubscribe you from mailing list.
  4. chazm

    iOS 10 Bugs

    Ahh there it is! Weird you can't do it from the chat bar anymore but that might be a good thing
  5. chazm

    iOS 10 Bugs

    Can anyone else not disable predictive text? It's so annoying
  6. chazm

    iPhone 7 The iPhone7 Release Event Discussion Thread

    What were you expecting? At this stage there's not really any big changes phones can make anymore. The only thing I would say that Samsung has that we don't that I would actually care about is the ability to use their "pay" at any credit card machine. Not just ones that are set up.
  7. chazm

    iPhone 7 The iPhone7 Release Event Discussion Thread

    I have the 6 plus and I'm out on this update. I've done every major update, OP to the 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 5, 5 to 6 and by the time that two years is up my phone is out of memory, slow, can't hold a charge and the new update is too hard to pass up. Well my 6 plus has plenty of memory, is still...
  8. chazm

    iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Release?

    Just don't get the air pods. I have a great BT set that I bought for $20. The ones that go around your neck and the sound is great and they've already outlasted my iPhone headphones.
  9. chazm

    iPhone 7 The iPhone7 Release Event Discussion Thread

    Air pods look cool
  10. chazm

    Value for resale??

    Check out eBay. Not the "buy it now" prices. But auctions that have ended. Usually if they are unlocked or jailbroken you get more
  11. chazm

    iPhone 7 Another Rumor--Wireless Charging. Why??

    You guys aren't also talking into account how nice wireless charging in for your car. My friend has it and he just places the phone on the magnetic dock and it's charging and holding his phone Once apple gets it, all the apple people will say it's great, of course
  12. chazm

    Enhancements in iOS 9

    I still can't get the split screen function to work on my iPad.
  13. chazm

    8.2 Confirm GMT is fixed?

    Thank god. I hated that and thought I was doing something wrong
  14. chazm

    Apple Watch Spring Forward Live Thread

    No FaceTime? That would be cool but I guess that leaves them to ooo and awe about on apple watch 2
  15. chazm

    iPad trade in promos?

    Ahh thanks. I have the 16gb mini LTE so I'll check if I can get more Edit: $137 for the cellular model too. That's strange. How can it be $100 more to buy but worth the same
  16. chazm

    iOS 8.1.1 has been uncaged

    Updating my iPad mini 1 to 8.1.1. I hope it fixes the lagging and freezing safari that happens daily. I was about to sell it and buy a new one.
  17. chazm

    iPad trade in promos?

    Any kind of promo still going on for an iPad mini 1? I have an iPhone 5 to trade in too. Wouldn't mind picking up an iPad Air 2
  18. chazm

    Is AppleCare+ worth the money?

    What does it cover? If it cracks is it covered? Water damage? Lost stolen?
  19. chazm

    Track your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shipments here

    God this 6+ screen is beautiful. So glad I just got mine. Finally
  20. chazm

    Deleting Parts of Texting Conversations.

    Obviously a bug that just needs to be sorted out. Mine is working fine, now.