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  1. {StatuSChecKa}

    4.7", 5.5", or 4" iPhone 6?

    I use a Samsung Skyrocket everyone once in a while, and it has a 4.5 inch screen and it is a great size. I have friends with a 5.7 inch Note and I think that is just too much of a good thing. I cast my ballot for 4.5"
  2. {StatuSChecKa}

    Apple to Livestream WWDC Keynote

    Damn, this means I have to install Quicktime.. I agree about the streaming Chris. Every other company seems to stream every other lame event. This would totally put a dent into other websites that 'live blog'.
  3. {StatuSChecKa}

    5.5" iPhone 6 Case Mockup Compared to iPhone 5s

    5.5 inch is way to big for just does not seem right for this product. 4.7" is nice, thats what my Samsung Skyrocket was. And 4.7" is the one I would buy. Here is another recent article about iPhone screens being shipped.
  4. {StatuSChecKa}

    iOS 7 Jailbreak Released - Official

    I just read a tweet that basically said Saurik is on board and is activly updating Cydia. Has anyone else seen any news or cydia updates? This was posted Tuesday Morning:
  5. {StatuSChecKa}

    iOS 7 Jailbreak Released - Official

    This new jailbreak was way unexpected for me. I have not been following twitter so I did get any hints that this was coming. I'm digging iOS7 and don't have any complaints. Plus I been hearing this Jailbreak may have some security flaws. I will for wait 30 more days or till 7.1 is jailbroken...
  6. {StatuSChecKa}

    What are your thoughts on iOS 7 so far?

    yes now i'm forced to have an app called CalenMob, it works ok, and signs into google calendar; but has an UGLY icon..until recently I have never even searched for a calendar in the app store. Also I just read that Apple removed Panoramic Wallpaper from iOS7! What the hell, that kind of thing...
  7. {StatuSChecKa}

    What are your thoughts on iOS 7 so far?

    yes if you were never into Pandora your not gonna like Apple Radio. Pandora is still the best when it comes to variety and matching what you like (IMO). Spotify radio, Google All Access Radio just don't satisfy me. I will still use Pandora.
  8. {StatuSChecKa}

    What are your thoughts on iOS 7 so far?

    Oh dude how I HATE the new calendar. I want split-screen back. I want to see the calendar and the selected days events. NOW I tap on a date and it brings me to the day/week view inwhich I always hated and never used. Oh how I still HATE spotlight search. I never use it, and I cant believe...
  9. {StatuSChecKa}

    iOS 7 has been released!

    Downloading now VIA iTunes. Fluctuating between 40 and 70 minute download time.
  10. {StatuSChecKa}

    iOS 7 has been released!

    Incredible. my iTunes is still not showing 7.0 is ready.
  11. {StatuSChecKa}

    Upgrade now, or wait for Jailbreak?

    I am updating iTunes now. I decided to install iOS7 from scratch. I can appreciate iOS, and i'll appreciate the jailbreak tweaks even more when we finally get one. I have a family member that is getting a 5s and I want to be able to know the ins and outs so I can be her tech support. So...
  12. {StatuSChecKa}

    iOS 7 has been released!

    What time are they usually released? I gotta house sit my moms house that night.
  13. {StatuSChecKa}

    iOS 7 overwrite iOS 6 Jailbreak...worth it to you.

    yes, I understand the people who want to way. Personally all the small tweeks matter to me like open links in Chrome, and auto open Google Maps. I guess I have 7 days to decide since I have to keep my iPhone 5 until next years release.
  14. {StatuSChecKa}

    iOS 7 overwrite iOS 6 Jailbreak...worth it to you.

    If iOS 7 were to drop today, would you run home and over write your Jailbreak, or would you wait till a iOS 7 Jailbreak. There are a lot of neat things included in iOS7, and I am not sure if I am willing to wait for a jailbreak.
  15. {StatuSChecKa}

    everythingiCafe Podcast

    I'm listening to the one a few months ago. CHRIS: Please have everyone silence there phones. Every 5 minutes I hear the mail app getting mail, I can hear that tone.
  16. {StatuSChecKa}

    Google Chrome adds jailbreak detection

    yes I'm sure Google does not frown upon or care about a few percent of iPhone users jailbreaking lol. I think they'd encourage it if anything.
  17. {StatuSChecKa}

    Galaxy S4

    I think they are going to rename the S4 to S3.1. I meant to watch the live keynote but I seen enough. I was exited at first because I use Both OS's but I will not use an upgrade on this.
  18. {StatuSChecKa}

    evasi0n jailbreak is a joke

    I was pissed for the first day. But my phone is awesome now. If log into cydia Evasion has sent some updates that fixes a lot of issues. I got weather app back after it kept force closing. All my mods have worked great.
  19. {StatuSChecKa}

    Breaking Bad app

    Good find. I'll check it out. It would be great if it has like a episode guide and such. Or an entire list of characters that linked to a bio or wiki. (It hasn't finished downloading yet)
  20. {StatuSChecKa}

    Why do people use MyWi instead of Tether Me?

    MyWi is crazy expensive, its was a pain in the A last time I used it (last year). TetherMe is cheaper and simply activates a stock iPhone function that works great. Is there something I should know?