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  1. Redfor

    Apple allowing 3rd Party apps.

    Some of you will love to hear this :-) (Source is from fox news) NEW YORK — Apple Inc. will allow third-party applications on the iPhone, Chief Executive Steve Jobs said in a posting on its Web site Wednesday. In a decision that marks a clear turnaround from Apple's previous desire to...
  2. Redfor

    Would a Refurb 4 Gig be 199?

    Just thought of something.... If the 4Gig is now worth 299, would a refurb 4 gig now be 199? Just something to think about.. And it just hit me.... if you crack a screen it costs 250 in repairs ( I think thats one of the past posts stated ) so.. for 199 you would get a spare screen and...
  3. Redfor

    iPhone and Car Head units..

    Anyone been able to get their iPhone to work with their cars Head unit using a intergrated iPod cable? I Have a Alpine 9883(I think its 9883) Head unit, before the 1.01 patch I could select songs and what not through the head unit, but all sound would only come through the Phones Speakers...