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  1. Toranz82

    How should I feel about another iPhone coming this summer?

    I bought my iPhone the second day it came out (At&t store nearby didn't have very many in stock the first day, think they had like 15-20, kinda stupid). And well I've loved my iPhone even with the few problems and some missing features I was normally used to. And now there is talk of a new...
  2. Toranz82

    iPhone and text messaging

    Man, does anybody know how well the text messaging or the typing will be for the iPhone? Im Kinda afraid it might not work as well as they say.
  3. Toranz82

    is there a Need to camp out?

    I was kinda hoping that i wouldn't have to camp out and that i could just preorder online and receive it the day it came out. Do you think i might have to camp out? lol looks like i might have to take work off on the 29th...oh and if your in the orlando or longwood area are u camping out?