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    Case-mate Barely There

    Anyone have this? I'm looking at it. I found another topic in the iPhone cases forum with no replies. I like the minimalist idea, but not sure if I'll miss the dockable part of the InCase slider. Joe
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    Theory on iPhone Inventory

    I don't know if anyone has brought this up before or not. I'm beginning to think the lack of inventory of the current iPhone is on purpose. I've always said there's no way Apple would announce the next gen iPhone and offer it for sale weeks or months later because it would cannibalize sales of...
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    iPhone Speaker Distortion

    Have anyone else had a problem with their speaker when playing audio (music, ringtones, etc.)? From time to time mine sounds very distorted, like you can barely hear it or like it's playing way too loud. I called Apple and they said to stop by an Apple Store, oh fun. It'll go back to normal...