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  1. 47seijar

    Has anyone thought of leaving IPhones?

    I've never needed much from Apple in the way of repairs. Certainly not for defective quality. I've had batteries replaced in older laptops and phones, and Apple always took good care of me. Never wanted Beats - I have AirPods. Getting an appointment at a Genius Bar is often a trying experience...
  2. 47seijar

    iPhone X Which new iPhone are you going to get?

    I'm looking at the 256GB standard iPhone 8. I'm still rocking my 6s Plus and it's just a tad too big for comfortable one-handed use.
  3. 47seijar

    iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Models?

    The Verizon NETWORK does not (or did not?) support simultaneous voice & data. It's not the phone. Verizon was supposed to solve this with voLTE but I don't know where they now stand on simultaneous voice/data.
  4. 47seijar

    iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Models?

    Oh, you definitely can, and definitely should! But lots of folks still buy their mobiles through their carriers. Probably a holdover from the days of huge telco subsidies for new phones. Not long ago, 95% of mobile phones were bought through the carriers vs. from the manufacturer. For extending...
  5. 47seijar

    iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Models?

    I think making different models is probably at the behest of the carriers. Nobody wants to make it easy to jump ship to another carrier, and having to get rid of your phone to do it dissuades a lot of folks from doing so.
  6. 47seijar

    New iMessage Notification

    Just to dig this discussion back up and provide some more info, when you get the banner popup on the screen you can also swipe it upward to make it disappear. It leaves any message unread.
  7. 47seijar

    iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Models?

    So with the iPhone 6/6s Plus, Apple produced several models. One for AT&T and the other for Verizon/Sprint/T-Mobile. It appears that with the 7 and 7 Plus Apple is only producing one model each that supports ALL frequencies. Is this the case or am I just confused? I was under the impression that...
  8. 47seijar

    Unlock an iPhone

    I was under the impression that once unlocked, iPhones cannot be re-locked. If they come unlocked they stay unlocked.
  9. 47seijar

    Unlock an iPhone

    In the U.S. with most carrier, if you have been a customer in good standing for 6 months (less for some), they will unlock your iPhone for free if you ask them. If they ask why you want it unlocked, tell them you plan to use it with a local SIM for international travel. Worth a shot since even...
  10. 47seijar

    iPhone 7 Apple has just taken away the ability to check whether an iDevice being sold is jacked
  11. 47seijar

    iPhone 7 Apple has just taken away the ability to check whether an iDevice being sold is jacked

    They explained that the site could be used to get information on a stolen device and use that info to unblock that device.
  12. 47seijar

    Apple Watch Battery Life

    Same here. I got mine about six months after the Apple Watch was released. Functions like it's still day one.
  13. 47seijar

    MacBook Pro 2016 MacBook Pro fails to meet Apple’s advertised battery life for some users

    According to an article on O'Grady's Power Page they identified the problem. An obscure developer setting was activated on the test unit received by Consumer Reports. Once identified and neutralized, "...the MacBook Pro produced 'consistently high battery life results'.”
  14. 47seijar

    iPhone 7 AirPods Question

    Ok, now I don't just want them, I need them.
  15. 47seijar

    iPhone 7 AirPods Question

    Ooh, pairing the BT Earpods with an Apple Watch and going phone-less at the gym!! Now THAT'S intriguing. Can the Apple EarPods do this pairing/music play sans the iPhone?
  16. 47seijar

    iPhone 7 Iphone linked to girlfriends icloud

    Another thing you want to make sure of is that your separate Apple ID's also have separate credit cards associated with them. I had all manner of problems with my wife's and my Apple ID's remaining separate until I changed credit cards on my account. That sorted it out.
  17. 47seijar

    heavy duty iPhone cases & compatible chargers etc. (SE,5,5s)

    I also leave ac adapters and USB-C cables all over. In my truck glove box, in my backpack, and in drawers all around the house. I have a car usb charger plug in my truck as well that handles two USB cables simultaneously. That alone has saved more people's bacon than I can recount.
  18. 47seijar

    New iMessage Notification

    I checked my settings and have banners selected. But I think I've figured it out. Q quick tap of the Home button dismisses the banner. I'm feeling kinda stupid for not trying that. :oops:
  19. 47seijar

    New iMessage Notification

    I will be in my email app or Safari and a new iMessage will come in. The banner pops up at the top of the screen, but since updating to 10.2 the notification doesn't go away until I click on it or go into iMessage. It used to pop up and then vanish after a couple seconds. This is a real pain in...