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    A $400 Paperweight

    Good Day I now am the proud owner of an extremely expensive paperweight. 1 year, 5 months, 3 weeks and 3 days later, my third (if I remember correctly--it might be a fourth) iPhone has died. I am not sure how most people's 2G/Second Generation/Whatever iPhones died, but my battery got to the...
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    I will be unable to make my suggestions to PDS about investigating his theft until tomorrow. This evening I am having dinner with an old friend who is also a New York State Trooper. I am planning on discussing the theft with him and ask him for his thoughts. I am curious: Since there are...
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    Post interesting/amusing/funny pictures HERE

    If my friend and partner in crime, iCafe, feels that the Off-Topic section needs a bit of energy, I am starting a new thread. It is created with the iCafe spirit of group participation and his (quite amazing) ability to create threads that elicit responses from ALL members of the community. It...
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    CID Adware

    Good Day to Everyone It is nice to be back (again). I unfortunately downloaded something from Limewire (Rosetta Stone Japanese) that gave me the CID adware sickness. How in God's name do I get rid of this S? I am not a computer engineer and do not feel comfortable deleting lines of code (as...
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    Questions about Installer

    Good Day I have been away for over a month and am a little confused at the lack of updates for Installer. Is there something wrong with mine? I have not had any recently added packages in quite a few days. I have downloaded Cydia because I have seen its name more than Installer lately. I will...
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    The sacrifices I make for my career

    Good Day It is nice to have internet access again. I am pleasantly surprised at how much I missed posting, but sacrifices must be made to play music (drums for the newer members) 2 1/2 hours a day, to drink for 5 and to sleep for 9. In case anyone is interested: From July 29 until August 23...
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    Anyone afraid of heights? (Video)

    I am not afraid of heights, and have done some crazy things in my life but this is just beyond me.
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    My idea for a poll

    Hello I have made my amends and apologies and checked my PMs and am going away now. However, I have been watching a little of what is going on, and would like to leave on a happy note with this poll. Good Day Every Day Dana
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    A response to the locked post

    First of all, I DID not request ANY post be locked EXCEPT my explanation for taking a posting vacation. I specifically requested that NO ONE respond, but people did and it was appreciated. My last post was an observation that was part of my leaving here. I was WARNED by a certain member in NO...
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    Psylichon is Joe Stalin!

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    Questioning the closure of the iCafe thread

    Good Day Kabeyun Far be it from me to question those in authority, but I am puzzled as to why Psylichon's post was closed. I feel that in the aforementioned post that we were all behaving as adults. There were no vulgarities or derogatory remarks made and, given the participants in the thread...
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    Handbrake on a PC

    Good Day I have been using Handbrake successfuly for 6 months now. I have had no major problems with is except that it is OUTRAGEOUSLY slow on a PC. Since I have been in a research mood lately I am going to log exactly how long it takes to convert "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure". (A...
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    What type of car do you drive?

    Good Day Since there have been numerous car related posts and threads lately, the profiler in me is curious to know what type of vehicles that the members own/drive. I feel there is a correlation between personality and automobile ownership, so lets do a little research. I will begin: I drive...
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    Shuttle launch at 5.02pm

    Florida people, please note. Good Day Dana
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    Who knows what TV show my avatar is from

    POLL ONLY An answer is not needed. Let's see the age differences in action. Good Day Dana
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    Tap on battery icon for percent app

    Good Day Can anyone remind me which app gave you the option of tapping on your battery/signal strength/edge-wifi signal to see the percentage? Thanks Dana
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    Pay for Apps on Installer?

    Has anyone noticed that there seem to be more NON free apps on Installer lately? Moleskine, Time Capsule, some new book app. What I find to be irritating is: They used to give you the app for nothing and occasionally ask for a donation. Then it changed to "We will give you one PART of the...
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    What is with the F'N BUGS?

    New poll: Good Day Dana
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    Originally posted by iCafe: (I do not know how to cut and paste from other posts, although I have never tried). :angry: Hello Sir, All is well in the I's of the Cafe you see i have been watching closely and you have indeed surpassed my expectations and in my absence you have gone from a "normal...
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    Where is my DAMN installer Icon

    Okay :angry::angry::angry::angry: I have HAD IT WITH THIS S! I just downloaded a couple of E books and a couple of dumb apps, and I get the message (which I shall now consider the "F the iPhone" message) of "you must restart your phone". This message causes nothing but trouble. I did...