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  1. monkeysrock0622

    Apple Retail Employee

    It's been a while since I have posted but I thought I should share my most recent Apple experience, applying for a job at one of Apple's famous retail stores. The process is very fast but there is also a lot to do. Each interviewee goes through about 4 interviews. I was lucky enough to skip the...
  2. monkeysrock0622

    Verizon/AT&T iPhone Refresh Cycle

    What do you think will happen when the iPhone 5 comes out for AT&T this summer? It seems a little too soon for a new Verizon iPhone (sure to be many upset customers) but would they really wait a whole year to release iP5 for Verizon, just a few months before AT&T gets the 6th gen iPhone?
  3. monkeysrock0622

    Pre Order iPhone 4 NOW!

    Go order it now! Then come back and vote on which one you ordered :) EDIT:White iPhone 4 is currently unavailable...
  4. monkeysrock0622

    My Eagle Project (for Boy Scouts)

    I finally got started on planning my project a couple months ago...and tonight I got my project approved by the Troop committee. I have to go through the district still but I am hoping to work on it 2 weeks from now. I am on a very tight schedule. For those of you that don't know, you have to...
  5. monkeysrock0622

    Finally restored, now won't sync

    My 3G hasn't been able to connect to my computer for the last 3 weeks unless I put it in DFU mode and even when I do that it would start to restore but then give me error 1604 (already tried fixing it). I finally got it to restore today but when it reconnects to the computer iTunes gives me this...
  6. monkeysrock0622

    Next Gen iPhone Getting Camera Flash?

    AppleInsider The link provides more detail so check that out.
  7. monkeysrock0622

    2 Problems with homescreen background

    1. I have the Glasklart theme and the User Wallpaper theme isn't working for me. As far as I know, it uses your lock screen wallpaper as your homescreen wallpaper, correct? 2. I have also tried downloading vWallpaper on Cydia, Icy, and Rock but the download always fails. Is there a reason or...
  8. monkeysrock0622

    Free online storage?

    I want to store everything in my iTunes library online. I have a virus on my computer and i need to take off everything in iTunes but I don't have an external hard drive. I would need 20 GB or so. Any suggestions?
  9. monkeysrock0622

    New iTunes won't install

    I updated iTunes to 9.0 today but every time I try to start it, I get some random Windows error then it says iTunes was not installed properly and that I need to reinstall it. Ive done that about 5 times. I've restarted my computer, completely uninstalled the program, then re-downloaded. I need...
  10. monkeysrock0622

    3.0 Push Notifications

    Has anyone here used an app with Push Notifications? I know Apple tested AP News and AIM but what other apps have you seen receive an update with PN? I just updated Tap Tap Revenge 2 and it supports PN and added a setting in the Settings app. Haven't been able to test it yet.
  11. monkeysrock0622

    eBay Question

    I have a bunch of old game system stuff that I haven't touched in over 2 years so I want to sell all of it to see if I can earn enough money for the new iPhone. The problem is that I need help judging how much to expect. 1 Used Nintendo DS Lite (White) [Charger included] 1 Used Gameboy...
  12. monkeysrock0622

    Got iPhone replaced, do I need to re-register my UDID?

    My iPhone was acting up so I tried restoring it. That just made things worse so I took it to the Apple store today and they replaced it. Does that mean I need to register my UDID to upgrade to 3.0 even though I had it on my old iPhone?
  13. monkeysrock0622

    US Military uses iPod Touches Saw that article on Macrumors (in the Mac Bytes section) and I thought it was very interesting. Is there anything Apple cant do? :laugh2:
  14. monkeysrock0622

    Microsoft's Version of the Future

    Anybody else think Apple should take a shot at inventing the furture? :laugh2:
  15. monkeysrock0622

    iPhone has CSS animation

    Click on the following links from your iPhone/iPod Touch and you will see the amazing animation that can be viewed from the iPhones browser. Pulse Leaves Bouncing Box Here is the link to the story.
  16. monkeysrock0622

    Verizon...can be creative.

    That's pretty cool! I would love for my network to follow me around like that haha
  17. monkeysrock0622

    MacBook Dell copying Apple?

    Looks like Dell decided to pay attention to what consumers computers lol. It really looks like black macbook with Dell written on it instead of macbook. Here is the story, but no body knows anything about it...
  18. monkeysrock0622

    How do I make my own changing wallpaper for winterboard?

    I want to take a bunch of my pictures and make them into one changing winterboard wallpaper. How do I do that? Do I need to know special codes?
  19. monkeysrock0622

    30GB Zunes Failing En Masse If it really is because of the New Year change, thats pathetic. How hard is it to get the device to change the year without the device freezing up? Tons of other electronics do it every year... Either way, this is pretty bad for...
  20. monkeysrock0622

    The first phone I've wanted since the iPhone was introduced (2 years ago)

    The HTC Touch Pro (aka the Fuze) I was hanging out at Best Buy today with my friends and we were all looking at the phones. I kept going back to the Touch Pro (even though they are non working displays) but I love the way it looks and feels. I really want to use it to test the software for...