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  1. fury

    iPhone 6s Anyone notice the dictation works offline now?

    That note at the bottom doesn't appear on the old 6/6+ Is Siri going to work offline too, so we can do things like "play" or "what time is it" without having to wait for it to get on the Internet?
  2. fury

    iPhone 6s iPhone 7 wish list

    aside from the toothpaste dispenser, which I think is contractually obligated to be a part of every wish list thread, what do you want to see on the iPhone 7 (aka 10th generation iPhone)? I want them to make a thicker phone with a decent battery, no camera bump, a normal 3.5"-4" screen size...
  3. fury

    Does anybody else's 6/6+ crash their router?

    I have an old D-Link DIR655 router from some time in the era when 802.11N was still in draft stage, and it would randomly reboot when my iPhone 6 or 6+ was connected and downloading stuff. There's times when it'd do it every few minutes, to the point I'd usually just shut off wifi and let it...
  4. fury

    Change address online

    So we have LastPass for keeping track of our passwords, and helping change out-of-date/insecure passwords (the security check feature tells you what accounts have the same password, so you can go through each one and navigate straight to that site and log in to make it easier to change the...
  5. fury

    iTunes sync error 0xE8000004 installing large apps

    I've been running into this problem trying to install large apps onto the phone from iTunes: The app was not installed on the iPhone because an unknown error occurred (0xE8000004). Infinity Blade 3 Modern Combat 4 Horn Each of these 3 games is over 2 GB according to iTunes, which seems to...
  6. fury

    iMac Maxed out 2010 iMac - 32 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, 3 TB HD

    So, I have a 2010 27" I bought for $1504.14 from the refurb store in late 2011. I specifically picked this one because it's the last one that came with DisplayPort input. I went ahead and got the $179.14 Applecare warranty too, since I tend to have a good experience with it. (they swapped the...
  7. fury

    1080p and 4D be damned, just give me a 120hz low-latency UI

    More and more phones are cranking out full-on 1080p displays (and I was a little scared for a while that they'd also be going 3D). Sure, they're nice to look at - on the HTC One, at least (the Galaxy S4 screen makes me want to vomit). It's great for staring at up close and personal to try and...
  8. fury

    I went full fanboy, man. Never go full fanboy.

    I'm glad I closed the door to my office. I hope they couldn't hear me shrieking with glee in the most hilarious fanboyish fashion, as the team at Apple unveiled the neatest looking computer I've ever seen, and then ceremoniously obliterated all of the leather stitching, green felt, and metal...
  9. fury

    "iPhone 5" forum redirects to "iPhone" forum

    Am I imagining things, or is the iPhone 5 forum redirecting to this forum, which appears to be bereft of iPhone 5 threads? However, I notice I can click directly through to a thread inside the...
  10. fury

    iPhone doesn't switch back to LTE automatically after a call

    So, I'm on AT&T LTE, I get a call, it drops down to faux-G. I understand why it does that (there are not enough antennas/radios in the phone to stay on LTE while doing the call over 3G or faux-G). What I do not understand, however, is that it stays on faux-G after the call is over. I have to go...
  11. fury

    Untethered at last? (Dream JB) Is this the real deal, or is it going to end up being another fake iOS 6 "jailbreak" that installs a virus on your PC?
  12. fury

    The official U.S. unlocked iPhone 5 watch thread maybe?

    Anybody besides me holding out for the officially unlocked iPhone 5? I don't trust Verizon or AT&T phones to stay unlocked.
  13. fury

    Anybody with iTunes match having problems with docks/cars?

    I have seen an issue where the person's songs are all in iTunes match, they've just upgraded to iOS 6 (by getting an iPhone 5, but I'm not sure it's an iPhone 5 issue). With iTunes match in iOS 6, apparently songs are not getting physically stored on the phone, and certain accessories don't see...
  14. fury

    An auto-adapting dock connector?

    So, the rumor is that it's only 8 pins (or 9, with the rest of the connector being ground) and the other side just exposes the same 8 pins, so that you can flip it around either way. The concern there is what features they'd cut out of it to go from 30 pins down to 8. Well, what if it actually...
  15. fury

    Getting double (or triple) alerted for quotes and tags

    I seem to be getting two or three alerts for every time I get quoted or tagged in a post.
  16. fury

    The new link to the app on the forum home page

    It's offsetting the sidebar a little bit so that the top of the grey background of the user bar no longer lines up with the top of the grey background of the breadcrumbs in the main area. Maybe you could put the link to the app in the dead space between the logo and the top right?
  17. fury

    LifeProof nuud case for iPad 2 & 3

    What's with that name? There's no accounting for taste...but I'm sure the case will be fantastic. Preorder links have started going out. Have you got yours in yet?
  18. fury

    I think I just got hacked, and I don't know how

    I got emails about an hour ago from Amazon, Apple, and Yahoo, all about my password having changed. I checked them, they were legit, as I could no longer log in to any of them. So, I freaked out and started resetting them back. I can log into them again, but I am scared to find out what all...
  19. fury

    The Tapatalk pop up

    1. It's obtrusive, and it shows up every time I visit from a web browser. They really should develop it into a short notification-like bar at the top of the page instead. 2. It's currently pointing to Tapatalk, not the everythingiCafe app. Is that intentional?
  20. fury

    The new iPad retina display game thread

    Since there's no category for it in the App Store, I figured it would be good to get a thread going to list/talk about some games that are enhanced for the new iPad with retina display resolution (or something higher than 1024x768 at least). I've got all of these, and have played most of them...