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  1. Tattooed Alex

    Shared movies option not displaying on Apple TV.

    My brother purchased Apple TV today and he logged into my iTunes account. My movies are available, but my daughter and wife's movies aren't available as a shared movie option like they are on my Apple TV. I checked my settings and couldn't find anything that I missed. Has anyone else...
  2. Tattooed Alex

    The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Picture Thread

    A couple of pics from my iPhone 6 from my drive through Guanella Pass which is outside of Georgetown, Co.
  3. Tattooed Alex

    Issue with multiple iTunes account on an iPad.

    A few months ago when my wife was visiting her cousin she was offered her cousin's iTunes account and password so my wife could view some of her movies on her iPad. My wife didn't have any issues at the time, but now whenever she tries to update the apps on her iPad it keeps asking for the...
  4. Tattooed Alex

    If you could port iOS to Android hardware or Android to an iOS device, what would you choose?

    With all the discussion of a larger screen I had a crazy thought about what would make the perfect combination of any device and OS. We all have various preferences so I am interested in knowing what your combination would be if you had the option of a full customization with the device type...
  5. Tattooed Alex

    Are you preordering the iPhone 5 next week and what size and color?

    With all the excitement about about Apple's Sept 12th event next week I am curious to hear what size and color you will be ordering and how many you are ordering. I am preordering 2 and I am sticking with a 16 gig for both orders. The only thing I am undecided about is either black or white...
  6. Tattooed Alex

    Denver Comic Con 2012

    Took some pretty cool pictures that I wanted to share with everyone. I took my 14 year old daughter and my brother took his 9 year old son. We all had a great time.
  7. Tattooed Alex

    Unlimited data with the 4S upgrade on AT&T?

    If you were grandfathered in with unlimited data on the iPhone 4 is AT&T going to let you remain on the unlimited data plan if you upgrade to the 4S? If they do not allow unlimited data with the upgrade do you still plan on upgrading? Sent from my iPad using iCafe app
  8. Tattooed Alex

    RIP Andy Whitfield

    Andy Whitfield, Star of TV's Spartacus, Dies of Cancer at 39. Very sad to see Andy pass.,,20527387,00.html
  9. Tattooed Alex

    Ink aficionado thread. Tell us what tattoos you have or what your going to get.

    I have approximately 32 tattoos, although some are blended together with my right sleeve that I am finishing up on Monday. My left arm is about 60% tattooed. The top 40% of my back including the back of my neck and the top of my shoulders is tattooed and half of my chest is tattooed. I also...
  10. Tattooed Alex

    Need assistance with the dreaded exclamation point please.

    I was deleting some old music downloading software so I created new folders to move my music library to and about a 1/3 of my music has exclamation points that I need to get info on. Is there anyway to hit find all in the new music folder or do I have to do each song individually? Any help is...
  11. Tattooed Alex

    Interesting news link on Yahoo for most buzzed about phones of 2010. Clip of the article below. No surprise on the top phone of course, but I was surprised that the Incredible and EVO were so far down the list. "Apple dominates the list with the iPhone 4 and...
  12. Tattooed Alex

    What would you or your loved ones like under the tree this year?

    My daughter finally gave me her Christmas wishlist yesterday and it made me chuckle. She asked for a WII game, a DS game, fuzzy Christmas socks, an iPod Touch and an iPad because in her words the iPads are so cool. I wonder if I will ever see another Christmas were both my daughter and I would...
  13. Tattooed Alex

    HTC HD7 Death Grip Issue

    Any one else find this quite comical since the whole iPhone 4 death grip was insane when it was released? Hopefully the link will be okay to post since it is an Appleinsider link.
  14. Tattooed Alex

    Dell Streak

    While I was in Best Buy today I took a quick look at the Dell Streak. Seemed fairly easy to navigate around. Screen looked pretty nice, but it is a huge phone. Way too big, IMO, to carry around on a daily basis. I just couldn't see myself carrying this thing around with me in my pocket, heck...
  15. Tattooed Alex

    How is the Pocket Tunes app?

    I am debating picking up the pocket tunes app and have read some mixed reviews. I am looking to use the record function for Sirius on WiFi so I can listen to it the next day. I do subscribe to Sirius and the added premium internet fee. I have the Sirius app and it's okay, but it does not have...