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  1. kevlar08

    Push Notification Has Been Turned On

    Just thought you guys would like to know Apple has turned on the push notification feature in 3.0
  2. kevlar08

    If You Couldn't Have An iPhone, What Phone Would You Get

    I was just checking out the Palm Pre and i must admit i'm pretty impressed with it. I found my self thinking that if for some reason i had to give up my iPhone 3G, id be fine with the Pre. So im just curious what other phones catch everybody else's eye and why.
  3. kevlar08

    Will There Be Updates to fix the bugs in the 3.0 beta for us testers

    I was just wondering if i could be expecting an update for the 3.0 beta, im starting to get sick of these bugs.
  4. kevlar08

    What Is Required at Apple

    I'm just curious as to what all information the Apple reps asked for before opening account, example did they need ssn, or passwords, just let me know all the info ill need to bring with me to Apple tomorrow thanks
  5. kevlar08

    Security At Apple Stores

    Do you think Apple will be requiring security measures such as Social Security Numbers and billing account passwords for there in store activations, or just the basics?
  6. kevlar08

    Buddy Tracking On iPhone 3G

    i have been hereing a lot about the ap on in the new Apple store that has a "buddy tracking feature" does anybody have more details on how this actually looks and works?