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  1. owieh

    Add Facebook sharing to Mountain Lion

    I am sure you guys are well aware by now that Facebook sharing did not ship with the final version of Mountain Lion. Deciding to launch it with iOS 6 this fall ensures it coincides with the hype the event will generate. Remember, Facebook sharing will be one of iOS 6's main feature. So, being...
  2. owieh

    Weekly Photo Contest: May 14th - 20th: Summer Sunshine

    First of all, thank you to Benny for choosing my last week's entry! :) As some of you may well know, "summer" in Britain could sometimes mean cloudy skies and rain. This week's entries should show some summer sunshine or how summer means to you. Go crazy with effects/lenses, photos should be...
  3. owieh

    Doctor Who fan?

    I thought I'd see how many of you out there love the ever-changing Time Lord. :P Currently, it is set to return sometime this spring. With a promise that we'll know more about River Song. Plus we might get to discover who the mysterious voice that keeps saying "Silence will fall..."
  4. owieh

    HELP: Hex edit first two bytes

    Hi there. I hope you could help me with this. I've got multiples .bin files that need hex editing. I could do it manually, but editing 200+ files could get really tedious. I need the first two bytes editing from 00 00 to FF D8. Somebody suggested using tr on UNIX but I really don't know how to...
  5. owieh

    File Sharing on iTunes [HOWTO]

    I have seen a few people ask where this "File Sharing" option is. Hope this helps. 1. Connect your device to your computer. 2. Select it from the sidebar. 3. Select "Apps" on the tabs. 4. Scroll down and you'll see the File Sharing window[?]. Select the app you want to use, the drag...
  6. owieh

    Suggest a Novel

    I could say I'm a bookworm... Well, at times. I need suggestions, preferably one with magic as the main theme. :D If you like novels like this, you ought to read Painted Man/Warded Man and Desert Spear by Peter V Brett. It's all about magic and demons... So yeah, suggest a book... Please give a...
  7. owieh

    Avatar maker

    Right people, fess up! ;) Where do you make this[see attached image] nifty avatar? I find them quite appealing... I need one! :D Anyway, help me out... :)