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  1. jbaraga

    Looks like the Quirky Cloak case is shipping soon

    I preordered a Quirky Cloak awhile back and just got an e-mail telling me to pick my color and confirm my credit card number. Apparently they'll be shipping in the next week or so. If you aren't familiar with the case, you can find some details here...
  2. jbaraga

    Exchange question - can we not send invitations to calendar events?

    Either I'm missing something, or we're simply not able to send invitations to new calendar events we create on our iPhones. Can someone confirm this, or better yet, tell me how to do it if it's something we're able to do? Thanks.
  3. jbaraga

    Will 3G result in a more expensive data plan?

    I'm confident I'll switch over to the 3G iPhone soon after its release, but am curious to see if the price for the data plan increases. Has there been any discussion related to this topic?
  4. jbaraga

    4GB iPhone - shortest-lived Apple product ever?

    Has there ever been an Apple product released to the public with a shorter lifespan than the 4GB iPhone? We're talking less than 90 days from introduction to extinction. I bought an 8GB, so it doesn't really concern me directly, but the way Apple has handled this situation - the price drop...
  5. jbaraga

    Apple drops the price on the iPhone!

    Since it seems everyone is taking things a little too seriously of late, I thought I'd mix it up a little. How awesome! Apple just dropped the price on the iPhone an entire $200! I can hardly contain my excitement! </sarcasm>
  6. jbaraga

    Do any FM modulators/chargers definitely work?

    I have an older model Belkin that works great with my iPod, but doesn't work at all with my iPhone. I'm taking a long road trip next week, and I'd really like to avoid bringing both devices if I don't have to. Has anyone found an FM transmitter & charger that definitely works with the iPhone?
  7. jbaraga

    Which way do you hold the iPhone in landscape mode?

    When in landscape mode, do you hold your iPhone with the volume buttons up or down? I noticed that YouTube videos are shown with the volume buttons down by default. How about you?
  8. jbaraga

    Can you surf & talk?

    From day one, I have been unable to surf the web via WiFi while I'm on the phone. And YES...I'm positive I'm connected via WiFi instead of EDGE. Here's what's happening: I sit at my desk next to my wireless access point. I surf the web via Safari. I check e-mail. All is well. I push the...
  9. jbaraga

    How old are iPhone owners?

    Just a little demographic survey for the fun of it.
  10. jbaraga

    Can you surf the web via WiFi when talking on the phone?

    I was under the impression that I'd be able to surf the web via WiFi while talking on the phone. Any time I've tried to do it, Safari looks like it's trying to load the page, but it just keeps churning without loading any data. Am I wrong about this feature, or is something not working properly?