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  1. iLLGT2

    What are the additional costs for MMS?

    Finally works, my account was provisioned!
  2. iLLGT2

    MMS Help Please!

    I did that, my account still showed my iPhone 2 g from years ago, thereforee I was provisioned from MMS lol... They said they filed a case for me and will be fixed by Wed., we'll see!
  3. iLLGT2

    MMS Help Please!

    Mine still isn't working, even after I got the text and all :(
  4. iLLGT2

    What are the additional costs for MMS?

    I afraid you are right, blah.
  5. iLLGT2

    What are the additional costs for MMS?

    LOL just my luck too.. I updated carrier, did a hard reboot, soft reboot after clearing network settings and so on, still doesn't send :/
  6. iLLGT2

    MMS is out right now

    Lol so true! But at the same time though this is all too interesting, the fact that some peoples mms works off the bat, others with non fam text plans, some by changing setting! I have changed settings in every single way, restored and re tried, my friend at AT&T even changed my text plan and...
  7. iLLGT2

    MMS is out right now

    Kev yours is working in LI? Blah lol
  8. iLLGT2

    MMS is out right now

    Try the first command for xp/2000 , include the " !
  9. iLLGT2

    MMS is out right now

    I tried every possible setting combo you can do from the responses in this thread with a reboot of the phone every time! Just get the error and pic doesn't send, ah well :/ Possibly an east coast thing?
  10. iLLGT2

    Sony Bluetooth Wireless Headphones And iPhones

    How's it going, I have had these headphones for a while now with adapter before the firmware update allowing the phone to pair with the headphones through bluetooth.. I know people mentioned Apple messed up and didn't fully do it right because we can't use the controls on the headphones, just...
  11. iLLGT2

    MMS is out right now

    Can anyone tell me why my pc is saying invalid command promp when I paste the command in and hit enter? Thanks :ok:ok
  12. iLLGT2

    How to transfer music from iPhone to computer?

    SICK, thanks!
  13. iLLGT2

    Firmware 2.2 coming

    Let's hope so, we keep getting firmware updates with different features added, but IMO all I want is a flawless damn firmware without battery issues, lagging issues , and a ton of others!
  14. iLLGT2

    Adobe Confirms Flash For iPhone

    It's about damn time!
  15. iLLGT2

    Slow WiFi

    Just a little update, my wifi is slow as hell still even after 2.1 upgrade. The typing is slow on wifi also and crashes safari, crazy! 3g however got blazing fast!
  16. iLLGT2

    Official iPhone Software Update 2.1 Discussion

    The biggest test was at my friends house in upper brookville, no one ever has service around the area, had 2-3 bars in his house I couldn't believe it, and for the most part the whole day it was pegged on 5 bars! 3g is finally worth while and so damn fast, all the lag is gone out of my phone...
  17. iLLGT2

    Official iPhone Software Update 2.1 Discussion

    Couldn't find it either... Overall I couldn't be more happy. With my iPhone v1 every time I did a firmware upgrade something went wrong, then my backup/sync didn't work.. My Macbook crashed on me 2 times but since getting a new one from then has been flawless. Maybe it's a whole turn of...
  18. iLLGT2

    how often is SAFARI crashing on you...

    Use to be a lot, but recently just once or twice through serious browsing...
  19. iLLGT2

    Battery life became amazing?

    Well guy's, the weirdest thing has happened thus far today. Usually my battery life is somewhat pathetic, along with the apps closing, laggyness and so on of the phone. I have not updated the firmware since I bought it ,still on 2.0 and decided to wait. As I kept using it more and more (past...
  20. iLLGT2

    Anyone suprized by charge time?

    I find it deceiving , it charges fast as hell when plugged into my Macbook, but I feel it doesn't last long. If I do a full charge plugged into wall, it lasts a lot longer, maybe in my head!