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    Screen color

    I noticed last night while holding my wifes 3gs and mine side by side that her screen color had the bluish hue of the original iPhone where as mine as the more yellow hue of the G2. there is a noticeable difference. Yes, the brightness setting are the same and the auto dim is off on both...
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    Missing camera icon in messages?

    should i have a camera icon in messages with 3.0.1
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    BeeJive 2.0, send pics

    Beejive has been updated has been updated with some cool new features: 1. send pics via IM 2. send voice notes via IM 3. attach buddy to address book 4. more stuff I tried the send pic and it worked very well. Not MMS but a step in the right direction. Update is available via the Appstore.
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    Vlingo is a winner

    THis new FREEE program in the app store jsut rocks. I have already replaced my "say who", "say where" and "Google Mobile" with this app. I have used it often since yesterday and not a single glitch or missed word. YOu can look up contacts, Google or Yahoo searches, map locations, weather...
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    Possible to backup a jailbroken phone and then restore to the same non-Jailbroken phone

    Does anyone know if it is possible to backup a jailbroken phone and then restore to the same non-Jailbroken phone.? I have a few programs that have a lot of information that I need backed up (just in case I ever have a problem). Or does anyone know a program that will accomplish this? THanks.
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    New files in Winterboard

    Has anyone noticed two new files in Winterboard? .DS_Store and ._.DS_Store What are we supposed to do with those?
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    Quick Gold

    Came out today. Very cool app that allows you to search for contacts , apps, web links, etc that are on your phone. Simply press the home button once while a desktop view, key board pops up start typing. App will start searching after the second letter is typed. Very fast no problems with lock...
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    Advantage to WinPwn 2.5

    I have the latest QuickPwn on my 2.0.2 3g what are my advantages to upgrading to WinPWN 2.5? Thanks.
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    GPS directions question (3G)

    I want to make sure I am not crazy. When using the directions functionality in maps the blue dot tracks your progression along the purple route that has been inputted. However the turn by turn directions (top of the map) do not reflect your actual location and when you change the turn by turn...
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    Mail Question?

    I have 3 mail accounts on my phone and find it very tedious that I need to do 4-6 taps to get back to the accounts screen, when in one of the accounts. Does anyone know of a quicker way to back to the Accounts screen in mail without so many taps?
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    Going price for a 2g phone

    Is there still a strong market for a 2g in Mint shape. My local Apple store has all phones in stock and based on the BGR report stating it could be until August to get phone i would like to sell my 2g if I could get like 400.00 ( I am eligible for a full discount from ATT on my current 2g) for...
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    Wrong order shipped

    I received notification my invisible shields have shipped. Now all I need is for my 3g to ship.
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    Seriously AT&T/Apple

    I went into one of the local AT&T stores to inquire about the status of the store receiving more iPhones and was told that all DF orders will be filled before the store gets stock to sell from. The MANAGER also told me it could be up to 21 days! So they are saying they are not going to sell...
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    a tell tale poll

    Now that you have a 3g, Knowing what you know would you have bought a 3g or kept V1? Buy 3g: KeepV1:
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    Restore or no

    I'm eligible for the upgrade (purchased my V1 after June 27th). SHould I restore my jailbroken v1 back to 1.14 before returning?
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    Does downloading SDK give access to beta software?

    THis may be a stupid question so I apologize in advance. Here it goes, Does downloading the SDK give you access to the beta software? I would really like to try the exchange functionality on my 2g before getting a 3g
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    What are the odds?

    That the current iPhone has a dormant 3g chip that simply needs to be activated? Torn between now and later (iPhone 2). I know there is a thread on now or later, more curious about the dormant 3g chip.
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    Access to exchanger server

    Does anyone know if a companies IT department will need to set up iPHone to get information off of the exchange servers, with 2.0 (like BBerry)? or will it be more like a WMobile that just require log in credentials via Sorry if this has been talked about.
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    3G question

    Does anyone know if a 3G upgrade to the iPhone would require a new phone all together or a software update/upgrade?
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    Thinking about gettting an iPhone

    Couple of questions; 1. Typing - I receive a pretty fair amount of emails per day so typing is critical. How easy is it to type on the keyboard 2. Email - I know there is no way, at this point, to get my corporate emailed forwarded but how likely is this to be very near possiblity? For...