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  1. iLLGT2

    Sony Bluetooth Wireless Headphones And iPhones

    How's it going, I have had these headphones for a while now with adapter before the firmware update allowing the phone to pair with the headphones through bluetooth.. I know people mentioned Apple messed up and didn't fully do it right because we can't use the controls on the headphones, just...
  2. iLLGT2

    Battery life became amazing?

    Well guy's, the weirdest thing has happened thus far today. Usually my battery life is somewhat pathetic, along with the apps closing, laggyness and so on of the phone. I have not updated the firmware since I bought it ,still on 2.0 and decided to wait. As I kept using it more and more (past...
  3. iLLGT2

    Lenogo iPhone to PC?

    Has anyone had any success with this program? It's amazing in a sense where you can rip all of your music and playlists off to put on another computer with a blank iTunes.. I just bought a Macbook and it's been such a hassle :( The program just freezes up every time I connect and it finds my...