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  1. seanwes


    Hey guys, just wanted to a share an illustration i did for a contest. It'd be a great help if you'd click through to give me some more views to help with the voting! :dft010:smiling Click here to view my entry and a full version of the illustration.
  2. seanwes

    Need screenshot of iPad homescreen with default wallpaper

    Hey, would one of you iPad owners help me out? I need a fullsize screenshot of an iPad homescreen with the default wallpaper, and preferably default icons. I'm having a difficult time finding one for a project.
  3. seanwes

    Quiet audio on iPhone 4 video - microphone problem

    This is hopefully to help some of you with quiet audio problems. I was afraid that my iPhone 4 was having microphone problems because the videos I was taking had very muffled audio - almost silent. I googled and found many threads with people complaining about problems with mic audio and speaker...
  4. seanwes

    Purchased songs gone after restore due to infinite boot loop

    I feel so terrible. My brother is moving out of state for school, and I wanted to jailbreak his iPhone 4 so we could Face Time over 3G. Well, I jailbreak his 4.0.1 phone with, and it jailbreaks fine. Cydia is on the Springboard. I open up Cydia, everything's working fine, then I...
  5. seanwes

    No white iPhone? This may be the next best thing...

    I don't know about you, but I was pretty disappointed that black was the only option this year. Last year I got white, and since then have never wanted to go back. I did not pre-order in hopes that the white would be available on iDay. But of course, the announcement came that they would not...
  6. seanwes

    List of incompatible 4.0 jailbreak apps

    Report any incompatibilities. Compatible apps can be listed here: 5 Column Springboard 5 Row Keyboard 5 Row Springboard infiniboard Kirikae MiVTones mxtube Notifier numerical signal ProSwitcher quicklock...
  7. seanwes

    Anyone use an expense app?

    I'm looking for an app to track purchases and expenses. Would be nice if it categorized items by type, and maybe some budget features as well. Paid or free, just looking for recommendations.
  8. seanwes

    Updating 3GS from firmware 3.0 (unlocked) to 4.0 (unlocked)

    I know this sounds pretty crazy, but I've been on 3.0 (7A341) with my iPhone 3GS 32GB (over a year with no updates). I'm selling it now since I got the iPhone 4, but I'm thinking it may fetch a better price if it's unlocked on 4.0 instead of 3.0. Since I am on a PC, it seems as if my only...
  9. seanwes

    Which pocket do you put your iPhone in?

    Where do you put your iPhone? Which pocket? I saw some replies in this thread talking about what pockets they use, and it made me wonder where everyone else puts there iPhone. I searched, but didn't see any other polls on it, so vote away! Personally, ever since I had my first palm pilot...
  10. seanwes

    iPhone 4 Camping Thread

    Hey if you're camping out in line for the iPhone 4, let's chat in here and keep eachother company! I'm going to be heading out in an hour or two and will be posting updates and pictures.
  11. seanwes

    The iPhone 4 Video Thread!

    Any lucky early iPhone 4 receivers want to share some tasty HD videos you've taken? We're all anxious to see them (and very jealous)!
  12. seanwes

    The iPhone 4 Picture Thread!

    It looks like some are already receiving their pre-ordered iPhone 4 in the mail two days before the official release! If there are any of the lucky few here on the forums, please post some shots you've taken with your new iPhone, we'd love to see them! I'll be joining you soon, when I get mine...
  13. seanwes

    Some lucky soul just got his pre-ordered iPhone 4! (June 22)
  14. seanwes

    Still on 3.0 - Have questions about updating

    I've stayed on 3.0 (7A341) because I use tethering daily, and I wanted to keep my ability to unlock for resale purposes. I've been out of the loop on jailbreak news, and just wanted to see if I'm able to update my firmware at this time, while still keeping my tethering hack, and still being...
  15. seanwes

    Is your name dave?

  16. seanwes

    Tutorial: True Invisible text for 10 character limit

    Many of you are aware that the board has a 10-character minimum limit for posts. Most of you compensate by coloring some filler text white. (i.e. adding some white "......."s to the end of a short post) However, it is a small peeve of mine that I can still often see the white dots on the gray...
  17. seanwes

    Impressed with download speed while tethering with 3GS

    Today, I was downloading drivers for a client on my laptop while tethered to my iPhone, and was pleasantly surprised to see this quite impressive down speed consistently through the course of the download. Anyone else noticed?
  18. seanwes

    1k - my reveal

    Since ZR_Yancy, FlwrPwer and myself are all hitting the big 1k at the same time, I wanted to have a little reveal party and post all of our reveals at once. Random trivia: did you know we now have 78 members with at least 1,000 posts? Without further ado... -------------------- Hey...
  19. seanwes

    Backgrounder Update Now Shows Badge on Apps Running in Background

    This thread actually started out as a question, and then right before I was about to post it, I realized what it was! After I installed the latest Backgrounder update, the icons that are currently running in the background now have a small badge on the lower left corner to indicate that they...
  20. seanwes

    piano and keyboard drums - improv1

    Taken with iPhone 3GS of course. edit: NEW improv2