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  1. J

    Videos: iPad 3 Unboxing and My Review!

    Hey guys, I was able to pick up my new iPad 3 at Walmart last night. I went ahead and put up an Unboxing video and a full review. You check them out below, hope y'all enjoy!
  2. J

    Incase Snap "Clear Frost" Case Review (White iPhone 4S.)

    Hello Everyone, I just posted a video review of the Frosted Incase Snap case for my white iPhone 4s, you can check it out below. I was searching for a case that was not too bulky and this one fits the bill! Hopefully this will help anyone that's on the fence about this case, I love it...
  3. J

    Anyone else have this problem/light bleed on screen?

    Hey guys, I was curious if this is a common iPhone thing or just unique to mine. Right above the home button I have two little areas where the light "bleeds" out from the backlight onto the screen. Attached is a picture of what I'm talking about, let me know if you have this problem too...