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    Apple Music indexing problems

    I imported my library from Beats, and it appears much of the indexing is now a mess. I can either manually, or have Siri, play a specific song and a different song altogether will play. It appears there is a significant indexing problem. Any one know a solution?
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    Transferring messages w/o restoring from backup

    Is there any way possible to transfer imessages without having to restore from backup? I really want to set my 6+ up as new and kind of start over, but I don't want to delete some message threads, mainly from family. One of the cool things about ios8 is the details for contacts showing a lot...
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    help 4.3.1 failed and phone is stuck in recovery

    i can't get the phone to restore. keep getting an error 1013 when trying to restore. same computer where i've done all my updates. i've never had one fail, and have never been forced to restore. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    keeping the screen clean

    is it just me, or does it seem to be more difficult with use to keep the screen free of smudges? smudges drive me crazy, and it seems to smudge easier and be more difficult to wipe clean. are there any products safe to use on the screen?
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    Website that buys iPhones?

    does anyone remember the website that will provide a quote for an iPhone?
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    rearranging app icons using iTunes

    am i missing something? i can see my icons from iTunes, but everything seems disabled. shouldn't i be able to rearrange by dragging and dropping?
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    Paid full price for a 3G last July

    I paid full price for my 16gb 3G last summer. Does anyone know if I would be eligible for the subsidized price for the GS now? I would think since my current 3G is not subsidized that I might be.
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    Difference in battery life - wall vs computer

    Aside from the speed in which the 3G charges when connected to an outlet compared to a computer, has anyone experienced a difference in battery life? I'm beginning to think there may be a difference.
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    battery and usage question

    i am not a heavy user, and am consistently getting 24-48 hrs between charges. typically i have 3-4 hrs of usage between charges, but have noticed something strange on occasion. my usage will show to approximate my standby time, an example would be 14 hrs of usage and 15 hrs of standby, thereby...
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    Email syncing problem

    i'm suddenly having an issue with email constantly attempting to update, but not retreiving new mail. i'm using both push with exchange and izymail for my msn account. neither will update. any one having similar problems?
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    Streaming music to the iPhone

    streaming music is much more important to me than listening to saved music. i was prepared to buy the iPhone on 7/11 until i saw the Samsung omnia. i prefer the iPhone, but i have to stream music. will you be able to stream music to the iPhone?