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    SliPCase for iPad with Apple case on

    I looked through the case threads but no one mentions leaving the Apple case on. Right now I carry the Ipad in a separate section in my handbag but it still has the usual lint and who knows what else LOL. I'm using the Apple case and want to keep it on. I don't care for using the Ipad naked...
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    Bluetooth keyboards

    Has anyone tried any other BT keyboards other than Apple's?
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    Apple store shipping a bit ahead of schedule

    I ordered a 64GB wifi May 12 when I couldn't find one in western NC. It was scheduled to ship May 26 and arrive June 1. Last night I got a shipping notice and arrival for May 26 so they are almost a week ahead. Nice to know that. Oh, aha--just checked the Fed Ex tracking again and they...
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    iPad vs. Touch apps

    I'm curious how it will be possible to tell the Ipad apps from the iPhone apps. My Ipad is due June 1 and I've been planning to select my apps and be ready for it to sync, but what if I already have the iPhone app (forr my Touch)--for instance, the NY Times app. I know there is a different one...
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    iPad using cell as mobile hotspot

    I expect I will order an Ipad (I've spent over an hour several times with one plus have a Touch) and originally wanted a 3G but now I'm rethinking. We need new phones and Verizon (our carrier) is offering the Palm Pre at good prices, the plan would be fine for us including the data plan...