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    iPhone Frotz help?

    I installed iPhone frotz and i cant seem to get any games to run on it. i got curses.z3 and don't know how to get it to run.
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    Pacific rim case from everything iPhones store..

    i got the case today in the mail. all i can say is that i would not recommend anyone buy one. i ordered it from everything iPhone store. this thing fits really loose on the phone, especially around the the home screen button. don't feel like wasting more money to return it..I would even use it...
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    Does your iPhone get hot or warm?

    My iPhone gets a little warm near the ear piece and same spot on something wrong with it? maybe a little too warm.
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    Im going to buy an iPhone..i need help..

    Ok I am an existing customer. we have 2 lines on our account (me and my fiance). if i buy the iPhone from an Apple store, what other fee's will i have to incur besides getting the iPhone data plan i want with 1500 text messages?