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    iPhone as iPod in my car

    Sounds more like you have an engine in your media room!
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    What if my girlfriend finds out? Assistance needed!

    Cheating on your old lady is a breach of the morality clause of your AT&T contract. Cancel your service and return your iPhone to the store immediately. Then buy a Windows Mobile phone. You can blame calls to other girls on a virus. :P
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    handbreak settings

    Maybe a stupid suggestion, but you've tried tapping the iPhone screen to toggle between the two widescreen modes, right?
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    will iPhone work on uk networks?

    The iPhone is sold only in the US, and only on the AT&T network at the moment. So, since AT&T isn't in the UK, and UK Apple stores don't sell the iPhone, currently it won't work. There's no way to know if you'll be able to activate a US purchased iPhone in the UK or if the UK version will...
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    Web App: iLit - Yet Another iPhone Light

    Replace the hallway light switch with a motion sensor switch (~$10) and save your iPhone's battery (~$89)!
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    online banking on iPhone safe?

    The only additional security concern with any phone using a web browser for banking is the personal information you store on it. Only because it's more probably that you will lose a phone or a laptop you travel with all the time than say, your desktop to someone interested in your info.
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    iPhone tech support

    If the item that tech support is supporting doesn't have something, they can't reasonably be expected to know. They can tell you all the things it can do, but not the infinite number of things it can't. The iPhone doesn't has Vorbis Ogg either, but you cannot reasonably expect iPhone tech...
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    dialup and the iPhone

    As long as you have a stable dial-up, activation should be fine... just don't do it if your modem drops connections often. 91mb restore downloads would take a while though, so I wouldn't suggest modding the phone unless you don't mind the wait every time Apple updates the software.
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    How can I 'Live Blog' using iPhone?

    On a Mac, the new iPhoto '08, iWeb '08, and a .Mac account are designed to do this according to the info. You basically set up an IMAP folder on your .Mac account to handle email updates.
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    Can I just use WiFi overseas?

    Just got back from the UK. I popped the sim out before my flight, stuck it in the plastic case that comes with an SD card (along with Apple Tool #1(tm)... aka, a small bent paperclip) and kept it in the hotel safe. Free Wi-Fi in London was tough, I really only found one place that had it...
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    Apple iPhone external battery

    All of the dock connector external batteries should work. The ones that are custom fit for a particular iPod may not fit. The ones that use a cable all should work.
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    When importing pix they distort

    Details? If you are having trouble with whatever OS and software you are using to sync photos, try resizing the photos to fit the iPhone prior to syncing, rather than relying on the iPhone sync software to optimize (resize) the images.
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    Why are YouTube videos not encoded in h264

    Just replace "Flash" with "Quicktime" and you can use the exact same quote. So there's really no reason to not use H.264 in a .mov container in place of Flash. Everyone reading this probably already has Quicktime since it comes with iTunes, and can play .mov files containing H.264 codec video.
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    Can iPhone sync to .Mac without being connected to a cpu?

    iPhone only syncs via USB, and only to a computer, which can then sync to .Mac. You'll need your computer to sync the iPhone, and handling keeping multiple sources in sync (.Mac, iPhone, Mac apps, etc).
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    Reading books on iPhone is

    I'm rather leery of a site that asks you to register just to find out what it is. It's be nice if there was some sort of info about what the heck it is before being asked to fork over your info.
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    Rumor: iPhone Production Slows. FACT: Apple Stock Falls

    Roughly Drafted has a different take on all these analysts and their Apple rumors. Basically, you can nuke Redmond, WA, and Microsoft's stock price won't wiggle, but you can hint at your brother's...
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    PC HD crash, how do I get my MP3's back from the iPhone?

    Heh, 5% recovery kinda sucks. If you have a disk based ipod that holds more than your library, you're fine. But if your library is larger than your iPod, you really should backup your library. This doesn't necessarily mean running out and buying a 2nd hard drive (though that's a good...
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    Mac .avi converting...

    What sort of video is in the .avi wrapper? Divx? H.264? What's the aspect ratio? ... etc. etc. The list goes on... you probably need to find a tutorial for "converting video for iTunes on Mac", and you'll find pre-existing help on sites that specialize on video conversion and the free tools...
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    My iPhone just started doing something weird

    Turn it off (hold power for 5 seconds, slide red slider at top to turn off). Turn it on. Should be fine now. It happened to me once. I was playing music with it locked, and slid to answer the phone at the exact same time that the other person hung up, while my bluetooth headset was...
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    Apple faces mounting complaints on iPhone battery

    Or they saw the past few years problems with exploding batteries, particularly ones from less reliable 3rd party replacement battery vendors, as a concern. The non-replaceable battery can be viewed as a safety feature to prevent the stupidity of buying a cheap knock-off battery and having it...