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  1. Apple iAddicted


    Ok since getting my 4s I have brought 2 friends 2 cousins, my dad-in-law, and my little brother to the darkside lol(sorry couldn't resist the star wars pun) now finally my wife is wanting an iPhone! I tried to get her to get the 3gs three months ago but the damned sales rep talked her into a...
  2. Apple iAddicted

    I'm a true Addict!

    Found great deals on an iBook G4 and an iMac G4, the iBook arrived today the iMac is on the way via UPS These added to the PowerBook G4 that is having screen issues, another smaller PowerBook G4 I got my son and a PowerBook G3 i got my daughter. My wife is saying I am becoming a computer packrat...
  3. Apple iAddicted

    PowerBook hack/tweek?

    Anyone know of a way to force install Snow Leapord on a PowerBook G4? Sent from my 32GB iPhone 4s on iOS 5.1.1 The ONLY thing better than an iPhone is the newer iPhone!
  4. Apple iAddicted

    For my kids and me!

    I just ordered (won on eBay) 3 Apple PowerBook laptops! One is 12" 1GHz processor a G4, one is 14" 466MHz processor G3(those will be for the kids first laptops!) and a 1.5GHz 15" G4 to replace my old ibookG3 that well had a accident and died all three from good sellers, great feedback and all...
  5. Apple iAddicted

    Ubuntu 12.04

    I just was given a laptop it's a year old with a AMD dual core processor, the OS was wiped "by accident" how ever they managed that lol. Anyway I want to load Ubuntu on it and have a new toy, currently waiting for it to load to my old laptop so to burn a install disc. I was wondering if iTunes...
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    Fake iPhone! Since Android users usually putdown Apple so much why is there so much interest in this cheap Knockoff iPhone running Android 2.3 And...
  7. Apple iAddicted

    Big Bang Theory dissed by Android Forum!

    Was googling Big Bang Theory to see what model iPhone Sheldon uses and ran across a Android Forum bashing the use of Apple iPhone on the show. Now a more logical argument would be why they use PCs lol! Their super nerds and true nerds would have a MacBook Pro running both Mac snd Win for gaming...
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    Should I buy my child an iPhone?

    My son is wanting an iPhone, he just wants to be like me mostly. I see a lot about iDevices being being used in the classrooms, so I guess sooner or later he will have to get one, but I was thinking of getting him a older 2G or 3G model since they are a little cheaper. Now my thinking is it will...
  9. Apple iAddicted

    Help with old school iPhone

    My friend has a older iPhone it was reset to factory default and has iOS 4.2 he needs to upgrade is this a 3Gs iPhone or the old 2G and how can he get it to find updated iOS Sent from my 32GB iPhone 4s on iOS 5.1! Only thing iPhone is missing is an expandable memory port! Come on Apple give us...
  10. Apple iAddicted

    New case!

    First off sorry I havenot been around I am addicted to Kingdoms of Camelot and spend all my battery life on the game! But today I got my Lifeproof case at ATT and this is cool. I did the water test and it passed then put my 4s in and put it in the sink and it worked great! I can finally rest at...
  11. Apple iAddicted

    Curious, How many here never used their College Degree?

    Myself I got my degree in Computer Repair/Networking, wanted to add Programming but in 99 they dropped the course where I went claiming Programming would be obsolete after they fix the Y2K bug lol. Some stupid community college board decided that. Anyway teachers claimed we could make as much as...
  12. Apple iAddicted

    AT&T stupid as ever!

    Got this today......AGAIN. I get this ever single month Even though I check my account regular and told them "I'm a big boy and went ta college, Don't send this junk text messaging" There are 8 days left on my billing cycle I see no threat of going over.... Morons lol Sent from my 32GB iPhone...
  13. Apple iAddicted

    What you do on your iPhone/iPad when your really bored?

    I usually play chess or checkers or drop in here and read posts lol Sent from my 32GB iPhone 4s on iOS 5.1! Only thing iPhone is missing is an expandable memory port! Come on Apple give us a microSD port already!
  14. Apple iAddicted

    Which cases are you sporting?

    I really like my iPhone without the case at all but my daughter gets a hold of it to play games and I like protection when I'm doing yard work and stuff outside. I have 2 otterboxes (cammo and a black on orange) A white hard plastic case I have found a case that looks just like a book and can...
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    Apple's future memory upgrades

    The logical next step is 128GB of course or adding expandable memory, but how big a memory chip can they put in an iPhone? They have 32GB micro sd cards so could they reach a full 1TB in our lifetime? And could a person fill that memory in a 2 year contract period? Things to ponder what's your...
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    4G showing?

    I finally got to a wifi connection and updated to 5.1 now my iPhone showin 4G and I know they working on getting 4G here buy not supposed to be until next year. Verizon has 4G coverage close by but not ATT as far I know. I remember my old carrier went to 3G back when and we would get 3G for a...
  17. Apple iAddicted

    Trophy Points

    What are these trophie points i keep gettin, what are they for?
  18. Apple iAddicted

    Apple in News I am soo ticked

    I found a nightline news feed on youtube about Foxconn. Now let me state this my mother in law said she watched a Good Morning America report on this and that Apple employed children and paid 2 bucks a day and that they were treated so bad. Nightline went in the iFactory workers were 17 to 30...