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    Urgent! Restore phone from new, all contacts gone-

    Restore as new. Tats wht te genius told me to do. But how do I get my contacts/ photos back? I just restored from back up for now, I cannot dfunction without my contacts... But I felt Ike this won't fix the battery issue..
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    Urgent! Restore phone from new, all contacts gone-

    I got the iPhone 4S and the battery life sucked so bad. Took to Apple and they said to restore as new. I backed up and everything but since I restored as new, my phone has no contact whatsoever, if i restore from backup in itune again will this be messed up again? How do i get my...
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    Does anyone here run with their iPhone?

    No sensor needed, I've used it before , love the website, also prefer over runkeeper.
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    Does anyone here run with their iPhone?

    I run with my iPhone in a fitness pouch called ifitness.I can't stand the armband, my arms are very tiny. The pouch/fannypak is great! No bouncing at all, can't even tell it's here. As for running apps, I've tried them all: My fav us the Nike plus gps, but unfortunately it pauses when a phone...
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    Verizon iPhone

    Does that mean that the Verizon iPhone will have no SIM slots since it's CDMA based? I'm confused because my friend swears that his verizon blackberry has a SIM card that can be taken out (?) I'm just thinking, a lot of us sell our older generation iPhones, how will it affect resale value if...
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    iPhone 4 worth upgrade from 3G?

    Yes! I just did, huge difference , my 3G was crawling! The only thing is that I missed out on the free case.
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    iPhone 4 availability in AT&T stores? Also, another question

    Thank you. So I can just get an upgraded phone under my husband's account, switch my broken iPhones sim card to the iPhone 4, (he'll be able to continue to use his old iPhone 3G and I can use it with the new iPhone 4? But I take it i will have to synchronize my new iPhone 4 with old SIM on...
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    iPhone 4 availability in AT&T stores? Also, another question

    I dropped my iPhone 3g (dumb, accidentally put my phone on top of my car and didn't notice), LCD is completely broken, does not work. I need to get a new iPhone 4. The issue is as follows: My company is getting us all new iPhone 4 next year, that's why I'm holding on to my 3G until then...
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    iPhone dialing numbers, accessing apps by itself

    My phone occasionally dials number on it's own as well. I know it's not redialed because it will dial a number that I have not called in awhile, I have no idea how that happen... very annoying indeed.
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    alarm clock sounds

    I have custom ringtone that I created with my macbook's garageband. I used them as ringphone without problems. However, when I use the alarm, edit to select a ringtone as my alarm tone, it won't stick! For example, when I select the ringtone Tchaikovsky concerto, it will shown as selected...
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    eBay question

    I actually gave him a free case as a bonus. Being nice not necessarily get good rewards. :(
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    eBay question

    Just did what you said, hopefully he'll understand, he can easily resell this on ebay.
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    eBay question

    Hi there, Here is my terms: Please read description carefuly as everything is stated as is, no returns will be accepted. I try to be careful showing all the scratches and I did go to the auction to look at the pictures and it's very clear. I used auctiva and it's showing all the pics nicely. I...
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    eBay question

    Thats helpful, thank you. I didn't want to deal with him and at first, was gonn ask him to ship it back to me, but i started to worry that he's gonna scratch the phone and send it back to me.
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    eBay question

    I need some advice here. I sold my old first gen iPhone on ebay, with pictures and everything stating that there are minor scratches in the back, I took pictures in every angle possible to show the condition of the phone. The buyer got the phone and said it's more scratched than described and...
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    iPhone Why Did I Doubt You? Blackberry Storm An Electronics Failure!

    My customer at work was telling me how his blackberry storm is great and another guy tested both an iPhone and blackberry and thought that blackberry was much faster, well, he's the customer, i'm staring at my iPhone and I'm like... whatever... LMAO!
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    Buying 3G on Thursday.... "refresh" ?

    I respectfully disagree. I have 2 refurbished ipods from Apple and they look and work just like a new one. It has the same one year Apple care warranty. Now for the iPhone, I don't know if the one year Apple warranty is still avail, but if BB covers it, it is no difference from getting...
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    ZiPhone jailbroken 1.1.3 wanting to upgrade to 2.0

    I have a first gen running on 1.1.4 jailbroken with ziPhone (NOT unlocked), i'm with AT&T. I want to upgrade to 2.0 but have a few questions- 1. SHould I completely reset the phone like a new phone from iTunes? Will I lose all my contacts? Or can I sync it with yahoo contact and then sync...
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    Traveling- turning off edge?

    I'm paranoid about the roaming/data charges...last time I went to HK, I took out the SIM card. Is it possible to just go to settings-network- and disable data on the phone to avoid charges? What if ppl call me and leave me voicemail, will I be charged? Or should I just take out my sim? (I'm...
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    jailbreak plus ibrickr problem

    In iTunes, you can convert your music to aac format. Right click the song, select convert to AAC format. Then select your newly converted aac format song, right click and select open in windows explorer, then you can just drag that onto ringring.