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    AirPlay mirroring desktop

    With iOS 5.0 coming with iPad 2 mirroring . why can't AirPlay mirroring work with my Imac desktop? You would think there is a way for that to work or Apple would release it. there is air flick that allows AirPlay to work on a Mac to Play from iPhone to the Mac . But I'm hoping to mirror my...
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    Apple will eventually go away from AT&T

    Apple has had it's hay day with AT&T with all 4 iPhones . 2011 is the first year another carrier got the iPhone which happens to be Verizon. Verizon also now has the iPad. This summer will mark the first time in 4 years there will not be another new iPhone. Apple now has Verizon to think about...
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    Home button delay 4.1

    Anyone else noticing that the home button won't go back to the home screen sometimes after 4.1 update. I thought maybe it was temporary but I had to click the home button 3 times to get it to go back to the home screen.
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    iTunes 10 and airsharing

    Found this iTunes 10 . If u have a file sharing app . You can now add a file or save to your computer in iTunes .
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    Belkin free case

    I just received my free Belkin iPhone 4 case from Apple from antenna-gate. It is not a bad looking case.
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    Belkin case about to ship

    Looks like the free belkin case might come early. Very cool.
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    iPhone 4 and YouTube

    I have been using YouTube app on the iPhone since day one and love it it always works and loads fast. iPhone 4 is a different story. Now that the iPhone 4 can play back HD content 720p video. It is set by default to play the 720p video in wifi. This is nice to see but loading times are not...
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    Free case came !

    Well Apple free case program worked. The case came today
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    Free case now shipping

    My wifes free case is shipping before mine. Funny thing is I ordered mine 3 days before. they are different kinds of cases maybe that is why. anyway mine is not shipping yet not till aug. 27th . My wife is getting hers aug 11st , 2 months early . I guess the cool thing is that it Will come on...
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    I wish Apple would allow album creation in Photos app

    I really wish Apple would let me make albums in the photos app. So I can organize them on my iPhone. I mean I can now edit on my iPhone 4 but can't make photo albums . I can make a album from Facebook app for facebook why hasn't Apple taken that feature and put It on the phone de photos. I...
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    Free iPhone 4 case shipment

    Looks like sept 1st the free case will come. That will be my back To school case I guess..( Sarcasm) Won't even ship till aug 27th It's free. So no complaining.
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    Apple free case problem

    I ordered my iPhone 4 by phone and didn't order with my Apple ID. I ordered my wifes iPhone 4 with my Apple ID since I take care of all the electronic stuff. Here is the problem, I ordered my case with the iPhone app , used my Apple I'D with my address. My wife doesn't have an Apple I'D since I...
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    Great battery life on iPhone 4

    I can not get my iPhone to go down under 10% since i got it June 23th. I have had to almost 10 when using iMovie for a couple hours editing . But that is it . I think we all Need to say good job to Apple for the battery life . It is great!
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    So i wont have a case if i get my iPhone 4 on June 23rd

    I pre-ordered meaning NOW i might get iPhone 4 a day early . what really stinks is Apple wont sell the bumper or no other company on the internet is selling a good hard case to be available the 23rd. so ill be walking around with my phone 4 with no case worrying if i drop this thing it will...
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    iPhone 4 Pre-order day in history .

    June 15th 2010, East Cost Time woke up at 6:20am and checked the Apple website on my iPhone and it was slow to load. jumped out of bed to turn my imac on. took the dog out fed the dog 6:30am loaded up to pre-order ordered 32gb black iPhone 4 oops ! was the message when...
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    I got $20 worth of iTunes giftcards sooo.

    what apps should i download that are a must have ? Already have pandora , iheartradio, facebook , textlater, shazam, ebay, bejive, so besides these.... so look forward to hear back .
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    Important Observation on 3G network

    so I did a test and here it is : on the 3G network I had it on at my work , my bars went all the way down , but i could get calls. so I turned 3G off, my bars went all the way up, I'm posting this because I don't know if that is normal and if someone has posted this tell me . if not...
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    Pandora rebooting iPhone

    Pandora keeps rebooting my iPhone 3G . it has happened twice . i click the app and boom Apple symbol comes up and iPhone is in reboot mode for like 20 secs. anyone having this problem?
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    Will there be a surprise again?

    Last year a week before the iPhone came out Apple Surprised us with youtube on the phone. soo, do you think there will be another surprise for the iPhone 3G?
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    iPhone is really $199 plus$18 for current customers

    OLD NEWS ... never upgraded before . so this is for all those upgrade first timers. Will I pay an upgrade fee? Yes. You will pay an $18 upgrade fee. AT&T is charging an upgrade fee ! Click Current customers . so...