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    iMessage same contact two threads

    I have been sending iMessages to two different threads on my friend's iPhone. I finally realized that I had my other iDevices set up to start conversation from email. I was wondering now that I changed that to start conversations from my number how can my friend have just one thread from me...
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    iPhone battery trouble

    My iPhone battery seems to be dropping quickly. Is it normal after about an hour and 15 minutes of light use for my fully charged battery using LTE to be at 85%? My iPhone is a 5S picked up when it came out last year.
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    Persistent updates but never shows up

    I'm running ios 6 and my App Store always shows a 2. Like I have 2 apps to update but it doesn't show any updates. And I have actually updated some apps since the problem appeared but the 2 goes away sometimes and then always shows up again. Sent using iCafe app
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    iPhone 5 price after September 10th

    I was wondering based on previous years does anyone know what will happen to the iPhone 5 32GB after the iPhone 5S is unveiled? I understand the 16GB drops $100 but it seems Apple doesn't stock the 32GB of the iPhone 4S. Basically I'm wondering if after September 10 is the iPhone 5 32GB going to...
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    Preorder process for Verizon

    I'm probably going to preorder the iPhone 5S and I've never preordered before so I was wondering what the process is. I have heard that its best to preorder through Apple versus any carrier, is that true? But when I preorder is the iPhone all set up or do I need to take it to Apple or Verizon in...
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    Ghost notifications

    I have the weather channel app and I recently had storms in my area that was likely to produce tornadoes so I turned on the notifications within the app. After the bad weather I turned the notifications off within the app but I still received them for things such as severe thunderstorms which I...
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    Trouble Updating

    I recently bought a macbook pro and I got a notification on the app store saying to update to OSX 10.8.4 and twice now I have clicked the restart button but the update is still there so I'm at a loss why it refuses to update.
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    MacBook Pro What is the current MacBook?

    I just bought a MacBook Pro and was wondering what year and time of year it is from? It's the first Apple computer I've bought and I know that the computers are known by the year and season it was released. Also if anyone has any tips, I'm a total noob when it comes to OSX. Sent using iCafe app
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    Incorrect weather location

    The weather app has the wrong location for the current city. So when I pull down the notification center the weather information is wrong. Does anyone know how to fix it? I tried rebooting but it did not work. Also I'm rocking an iPod touch 5th gen. Also I have tried turning off location...
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    Found bug with latest update

    I clicked on a link and a pop up asked if I wanted to open the link in safari or the app. Being the butter fingers that I am I clicked safari when I meant in app. I have it set to open up only in app but all links now open in safari. Sent using iCafe app
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    Yahoo email not pushing

    Ever since ios 6 my yahoo email hasn't been pushing in the background when my iPod touch is in sleep mode. I have it set to push but when I go to my email it downloads email instead of dinging to alert me of new email. Sent using iCafe app
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    iPhone app store update

    I'm not sure where to put this but, my app store is acting up. I was going to update my apps but the app store is not showing any updates. I've also rebooted my iDevices. Yesterday I had about 50 app updates and now I have none. Is anyone else experiencing issues? I was wondering if Apple...
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    WiFi on iPod touch

    The wifi on my iPod touch isn't staying connected when my iPod touch is asleep for long periods of time. For instance if I leave it overnight or even a few hours I go to my iPod touch and later and see the wifi isn't connected. With iOS 5 and previous iterations this was not an issue, I was...
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    Songs not playing through whole song

    I've been listening to my iPod touch a lot today and noticed that some songs seem to skip to the next song before they finish playing all the way through. They only play half way through before suddenly jumping to the next song. This has only happened since iOS 6. Has anyone else had this...
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    Notification sounds not working

    For some reason my iPad appears to have stopped making sounds when I get push notifications. I haven't gotten the little ding sound from CNN for iPad, abc news, pulse(the rss reader app), or Fanhattan. The only notification sounds I seem to be getting are email and calendar alerts that I set...
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    Podcasts app not working

    I downloaded the new Apple podcasts app but I can't seem to download or stream many of my podcasts such as cnet podcasts. When I add the subscriptions it refuses to play the video version but if I add the mp3 version it will play. Any ideas why the app isn't playing the podcast subscriptions...
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    Apple TV with multiple accounts

    In my family we have 3 different iTunes accounts and I was thinking of getting the Apple tv but I'm unsure of how easy it is deal with different accounts. One specific question is can all the iDevices use AirPlay to send music and apps to the Apple tv regardless of what account each device is...
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    New iPad iCloud back up

    I had an iPad 2 but now I have I have an iPad 3 and it won't let me back up to iCloud because my storage is full since it still has listed my iPad 2 back up. There is 1 GB of free space left but it's not enough for my new iPad. So should I delete my old iPad 2 back up since I no longer own my...
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    The new iPad smart cover?

    Does anyone know whether the iPad smart cover will work with "the new iPad?" I've heard the thickness dimensions and weight are different but the other size specs seem the same so it would fit based on my understanding. But does the new iPad have magnets? Currently the smart cover on Apple's...
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    Selling iPad 2

    I was looking at doing at trading in my wifi only 32 GB iPad 2 on amazon's electronic trade-in store but I would get an amazon gift card only that way but does Amazon actually sell the iPad 2 currently without strange third party sellers marking up the price? My main question is would I actually...