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  1. J

    For those who's plan isn't under your name...

    I pretended to be my dad and asked about it. The rep called the store then told me if I was noted on the account then I would not need my dad there with me, which I asked her to do.
  2. J

    4 GB? Dumb or no?

    I would think it's strictly 4 and 8GB for music and video, but who knows.
  3. J

    Queens, NY

    I'm in Queens too. Would I really have to go to Roosevelt Field? I'd much rather just going to the AT&T store right near me on Northern Blvd :(
  4. J

    Pictures shown in Camera Roll taken iPhone Camera

    So wouldn't that mean the picture showed in the demo was taken with the camera? If it in fact was, then the pictures look pretty good in my opinion.
  5. J

    Pictures shown in Camera Roll taken iPhone Camera

    Now I'm not positive, but I believe the album "Camera Roll" featured in the Guided Tour actually contains pictures taken with the iPhone Camera. Any thoughts on this? (BTW This is my first post but I have been reading the forums for quite some time)