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    iPhone and Work?

    Does the iPhone work well with Mac/Microsoft products? -I have an iPhone, but my mom wants to get one for work. She isn't too tech savvy and nor am I, so help is appreciated. Here's what I need to work: 1. My mom has a Mac Pro desktop, she uses Microsoft Entourage, Microsoft Word etc. etc. on...
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    questions on jailbreaking

    okay, I just jailbroke mine like 1 hour ago. I like it, its sweet, I have 1.1.4 right now and you can do a lot more. Haven't seen any problems yet, just having trouble getting ROMs to NES and GBA games... i'll figure it out, but yes go for it, you can always restore, just make sure that you have...
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    Nice Wood Calculator

    looks kinda weird, but i guess people have their own preferences
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    questions on jailbreaking

    Umm... I know I'm gonna get shot, for not using the search button *puts on kevlar vest and Kevlar helmet* but while we are on the topic of hijacking threads, might I ask, what can you do with a JB iPhone? I want to jail break it, but I'm scared... Like what apps/games/cool things could I do to...
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.4 Thread

    yes same here this is starting to get alittle edgy. It needs to come out soon
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    Did the new update come out yet?

    I'm in school right now--tutorial, but I was reallly wondering if I have something really exciting to look forward to after school today. lol thanks...
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    Here Comes Tuesday!

    I'll be quite mad if it doesn't come out on tuesday, i hate when companies say its coming out on a certain date and then can't do it. they let everyone down, and build a bad reputation for themselves. If they say its going to come out a certain date, then they should make that a priority and...
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    Guess downloading games will come to iPhone soon

    Oh, man... I can't wait... GAHHH! HURRY UP FEB. 26th! lol. Will they have a legit mario and GBA games? I don't want to unlock/jailbreak my phone just to play those games.
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    text msg

    Ha, same here..
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    How do you carry your iPhone?

    Wow, I feel weird... I'm right handed, but I carry my phone in my left pocket with screen facing outward. Don't know why, just feels easy to access for me.
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    iPhone not being recognized

    Okay, thanks guys, I just restarted my comp but it still didn't work, so I completely turned it off for 1 hour and turned it back on. It works now. I also restarted my iPhone. Thanks guys, I HATE WINDOWS. WINDOWS SUCKS
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    iPhone not being recognized

    Correct. The iPhone itself is connecting, it shows that it's charging and such, but, on iTunes, its just not showing up. I can't get to the menu to press the sync button. It isn't showing up. Like, on the left side, where it says: "Library" "Store" and "Playlists." The "Devices" section isn't...
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    iPhone not being recognized

    Anyone? any help?
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    iPhone not being recognized

    I plug my iPhone into a regular dumb stupid windows XP, and well it isn't being recognized. Just started today. I turn my sound up, and I hear the ring that my speakers make when I plug it in, it comes up with the menu to download the pictures that I have taken with the camera, I click cancel...
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    Should I buy an iPhone?

    Well said... well said...
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    Battery life

    yes, I'm starting to have battery problems too... I've had mine since July and mine seems as though it is starting to die out. It lasts about 1 day. Which is good for most of you, but I don't make to many calls, I just use the iPod function (not video) and texting ALOT. Other then that, I don't...
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    What's your iPhone's name?

    mine is John's iPhone too! God.. what a great name! John's UNITE!
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    My 2 year old deleted my notes

    Dude I LOVE the slider on mine too! I just play with it! forget internet, ipod, phone, camera, text etc. etc. I HAVE A SLIDER TO PLAY WITH BABY!
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    1.1.2 Download on iTunes

    yes same here, but I can't download it yet, I have to get a faster USB port. my PC is 6 years old and it has USB 1.0's in it, so ever since I downloaded iTunes 7.5, I can't hook up my iPhone anymore until I get the new USB port. So... tomorrow i'll have it! yay for me! Off subject, but I LOVE...
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    iPhone notes

    I haven't even modded mine... I like 1.1.1... lol:smile: