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    iPhone and Work?

    Does the iPhone work well with Mac/Microsoft products? -I have an iPhone, but my mom wants to get one for work. She isn't too tech savvy and nor am I, so help is appreciated. Here's what I need to work: 1. My mom has a Mac Pro desktop, she uses Microsoft Entourage, Microsoft Word etc. etc. on...
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    Did the new update come out yet?

    I'm in school right now--tutorial, but I was reallly wondering if I have something really exciting to look forward to after school today. lol thanks...
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    iPhone not being recognized

    I plug my iPhone into a regular dumb stupid windows XP, and well it isn't being recognized. Just started today. I turn my sound up, and I hear the ring that my speakers make when I plug it in, it comes up with the menu to download the pictures that I have taken with the camera, I click cancel...
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    Okay, I don't update my iPhone often, and I just got 1.0.2 like a week ago, but now there's a new update. Now, you are probably wondering where this post is going, well, I have seen a lot of posts that say they are having lots of problems with 1.1.1 should I get it? or just stick with 1.0.2...
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    Why is there a letter "E" next to the connection bars?

    On my phone there is a letter "E" next to the AT&T connection bars. Just wondering what it means. I was thinking it means "Eastern Time" but i'm not sure. Thanks.