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    Feature I just Discovered

    If you are listening to music or anything on YouTube and hit the home button it stops. But after you leave YouTube, double tap the home button swipe to the left and hit the play button and it will continue playing the audio. I never knew you could do this and thought it wasn't possible...
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    I hate mobile sites!

    I hate mobile sites on the iPad they look like crap. I was wondering if there is any way to view the full site not the mobile site on NBC they have no option to go to the full site. I hate when sites do this. Is there any work around. Also I am disappointed that NBC hasn't made an app like ABC...
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    iOS 4.0 Discussion Thread

    I thought I would start a thread to discuss iOS 4.
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    Foosball HD

    You guys should check this app out. It has great graphics, gameplay, and takes advantage of the iPad's multitouch screen. It was announced at the WWDC and just came out. It is another great game by Illusion Labs. The only con is that the AI is really good but I bet a difficulty setting will come...
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    iBooks Update

    There is a new update to iBooks that fixes bugs, but I find it interesting that one of the new fixes is making it easier and better getting your free copy of Winnie the Pooh. I got my free copy fine, and ended up deleting it. Shouldn't they be working on better and more important features...
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    How do you remove a pin in the Maps app?

    Maybe I am just having a blonde moment but how do you remove a pin in the Maps app.
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    iPad Question

    I finally got my iPad today and I love it. But is there a setting so websites don't open the mobile version by default.
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    Mail Replies

    How do I make it so my replies to emails show up in the sent folder in Mail. I am using an AOL email account of that helps.
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    New iPad comercial

    I was just watching TV and saw this new ipad comercial. It is very un-Apple like. They don't have any other similar comercials. Here is the link check it out.
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    A Start to Video Chat

    I was checking out iPad apps and noticed some apps called Camera A and another Called Camera B. You download the app, Camera A on your iPad ($0.99), and Camera B on your iPhone (free) and launch both of them and then the camera on your iPhone shows the picture display on your iPad. This is...
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    Is your iPad making things easier and SIMpler?

    Do you feel that your iPad is replacing your computer a little bit and making things simpler and easier. OR. Do you feel that your iPad is just a fun new gadget that keeps you entertained. Just curious beacuse before it came out some of you were talking about how it could partially replace...
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    YouTube isn't Flash is it.

    Sometimes on my iPhone there is a Youtube video in a forum on this site and it has the little block saying it's flash. Here is an example of it when viewing the video on iPhone. Any ideas why this happens.
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    iPhone OS 4.0

    When they announce iPhone OS 4.0 this Thursday will it be available that day or will we have to wait for it to be released. I hope we don't have to wait. Also why not predict what you think will be on 4.0. I predict multitasking.
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    Apple care coverage

    The plastic covering on my USB cable is starting to peel off at the end with the 30 pin connecter. Will I be a able to get a replacement with my AppleCare.
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    EiC App

    I noticed Chris' new avatar. So when will this EiC app be coming. Sounds cool to me. Can't wait.
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    Syncing Video

    Hi guys! I have no problem syncing photos from my computer onto my iPhone but can I sync videos I took on to my iPhone and how. Thanks in advance.
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    Only 1 WiFi bar despite being in close range of router?

    Hi guys. 3G coverage in my neighborhood isn't that great. So I depend on wifi for fast Internet on my iPhone. I sit within 100 feet of the ATT wifi router and I only have 1 wifi bar. Is that normal? All our computers have full wifi bars from that distance. Is it because the iPhone can't pull in...
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    Cools iBooks feature.

    From Apples website: Change your reading habits. Unlike a paper book — or ebooks on other devices — you can change iBooks on iPad to suit the way you read. Turn iPad to portrait to view a single page. Or view two pages at once by rotating to landscape. Change the text size. Even change the...
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    Safari has HTML5.

    Yes! Scroll down and read under Built For Speed. ps. Sorry for the first link wrong one. Oops.
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    This summary of Apples 3GS keynote is hilarious and incredible. Just watch it. p.s. None of the sound cuts are repeated.