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    Retina Display Issues? URGENT

    A few minutes ago I put a lot of pressure on my iPhone 4's screen and noticed that effect where it gets all rainbowish and turns back... I know this is normal for some LCD screen devices, but I wasn't too sure it was normal for the iPhone 4 given the screen is glass. PS there are no visible...
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    The update deleted my music

    The iOS 4.2 update deleted my music off my iPhone 4 although when I go to settings -> about it says I still have all or most on there. So when I open the iPod app it says purchase music from iTunes. Please help I don't want to re-sync...
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    Volume problems

    The maximum volume for my iPhone seems to have gone down. Volume lock is off. And full volume for my earbuds is like half of what it used to be. I don't know if it's my Apple earphones or my iPhone its self Please help
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    My iPhone is being monitored / hacked?

    My battery life is absolutely horrible. Upon investigation my memory is always almost used up. And I can't kill certain apps. I can't kill phone (normal?) , maps (not normal), iPod... The only one I am worried about is maps because to me that shouldn't happen. I have all location services off. I...
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    Puzzling battery issues...

    My iPhones battery life has recently been draining faster... Today the usage is stand by: 5hrs Usage 4hrs and it is at 69%... Everything is off ie fetch, bluetooth, push, wifi, location, everything... The only thing I can think of is using it while charging... I often cycle it... Any ideas?