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    Summerboard Is Back, for 1.1.3!

    works great here!
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    Leopards' Blue Screen of Death > Vista

    had the BSOD on my powerbook when i upgraded... of course, that was on the day it came out so people still didn't exactly know what the problem was. luckily, the next day i was able to figure out a solution. leopard rocks.
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    Mods are back with 1.1.1 !!

    yeah, it's definitely not cool to have a misleading title like that. way to suck.
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    Anyone use the Griffin RoadTrip?

    i'm borrowing my friend's roadtrip right now to try out and i'm having mixed impressions. when i first plugged it in, it was working great. however, sometimes i get that loud annoying buzz noise. it kind of comes and goes. does anyone know how to fix this besides turning on airplane mode?
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    No more Itemized Phone Bill

    got that message too. it's nice... but too late. already signed up for paperless billing. don't really see a need to sign up for it again.
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    Any FM Transmitters work in the Car?

    Has anyone found any good FM transmitter docks for the car that works with the iPhone? I want a transmitter that plugs in to the cigarette lighter and holds the iPhone in place so that it's easily accessible.
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    ESPN iPhone Pod Center

    type this in your iPhone instead:
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    NES is now totaly perfectly playable! (on the iPhone of corse)

    looks like a handy, new tool. thanks for posting!
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    NES is now totaly perfectly playable! (on the iPhone of corse)

    wow does it work better now! i can actually play the games normally! excellent!
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    i agree, it'd be a great app/webapp! i used to have it on my old sprint phone... hopefully they'll bring it to us iPhone users as well!
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    GUIDE: How to change SMS Bubble Color

    here are the ones i'm currently using. the green is just the default green... but i got rid of the grey and made it a light blue instead.
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    Explain to me SSH install please

    are you sure that's the right ip address? i only ask because mine is almost the exact same and i'm wondering if we're using the wrong IPs. when i browse to websites that tell me my ip address on my iPhone, it tells me something different. which ip do we use?
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    SMS Themes: Color Variations for the SMS App

    any possibility of an orange and brown one? :laugh2:
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    iFuntastic 2.5 released

    wow. .
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    NEW iPhone APP: Voice Recorder!

    that's awesome! now, if i could just figure out a way to install it using my PPC mac...
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    iPhone mute activation with cheek

    also, if you're using some sort of case, that can mess up the sensor. most cases have a hole cut out for the sensor, but not all do. no hole=no working sensor
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    New Update deleted all my iPhone Camera Roll Photo's

    i realized this earlier today... and am not happy.
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    No help for PPC users?

    i've been trying to get it to work as well... with no luck. when i do the "sudo port install readline" command, i get errors. any ideas?
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    No help for PPC users?

    apparently not... :frown:
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    New easy ring tone maker program for Mac users

    not that i know of... and i REALLY HOPE someone make one for us PPC users soon.