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    iPhone 4 Camera Roll Pictures don't sync after update 5.0.1

    Hi all, I am having an issue getting my newly taken photos to sync to my camera roll location during syncs. I can do it manually but before it would take place during a sync. While my iPhone is connected to iTunes I can confirm the location folder where I am storing my photos in My Documents...
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    Lost Test Messages

    For some reason I have lost all of my test messages and I am not sure why? I upgraded to iOS 5.0.1 a couple days ago and had no problems but now all of a sudden I lost all test messages. I did have a lot and don't know if that could contribute to the problem but I do have plenty of space on my...
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    iPhone 4 slower than 3GS

    Can anyone tell me why my iPhone 4 is slower at loading google maps than my fiance's 3GS? I am trying to zoom out in maps and it takes my phone a long time to load while side by side. I've also had another instance where her phone would send an mms but mine would give me an error. This was also...
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    Keyboard in texting app

    Does anyone know how to make the keyboard disappear while in a text? Sometimes I need to era far back in a text and its difficult with the keyboard visible.
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    Strange behavior

    Recently my iPhone 4 has been acting very strange. This morning my phone powered off and my first thought was the battery was dead so I put it on the charger. Normally I you lose your charge and plug it in the phone will show the power symbol and come back on. This time mine did not. I checked...
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    Screen smudges

    I recently took off my iPhone screen protector and now the screen is very smudgy. I am afraid to be a cleanser on it as I don't want to ruin the screen or the film that it is coated with when it's new. Any suggestions?
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    iPhone 4 on 4.0.2 - Group SMS

    Does anyone know why when I add a second contact to make a group SMS the phone defaults to group MMS? Also when I send the message it is not received by the contacts I sent it too? Basically I am unable to send a group SMS as is stands now. Anyone have a similar problem and have a fix for it...
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    Restoring a JB iPhone 3G without updating

    Is there a way for me to restore to factory settings without updating to the latest software 4.0.2? The person buying my iPhone 3G would like to take it to another carrier and thereforee does not want to go to 4.0.2, nor do they want the current version since there is no fix yet for 3G owners...
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    Ion Stealth Black Carbon Fiber Case

    Has anyone tried this case yet? Looks nice but pricey. I've always liked the Carbon Fiber design. Looks nice.
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    JB iPhone 3G on 3.1.2, need help restoring to sell

    Hi all, I finally got my iPhone 4 and am selling my 3G to a friend who wants to unlock and JB to put on T mobile. My fear is restoring the phone to a state that wouldn't allow the phone to be unlocked. I remember reading a long time ago that if you upgraded to a specific OS version you would...
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    JB 3.1.2 3G to iPhone 4

    I am on blackra1n 3.1.2 on my 3G. I am about to buy an iPhone 4 and am wondering if I can restore from a backup so that I can keep my contacts and calendar events that I have on my phone now. I have not been able to sync with outlook for quite some time now, not sure why? Any other ideas on the...
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    iPod on 3G weird tone

    Anyone know why on my iPhone 3G iPod I get a little tone everytime I put it in my pocket and the music changes after about 20 seconds? The weird thing is it only does it when I change my phone from a sideways and then put it in my pocket. I am sure this is a feature on the iPod but I have no...
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    64 Bit OS Support

    Does anyone know if Apple plans to support Windows 7 64 bit as well as Microsoft Outlook 64 bit? It appears some people are still having problems on Windows 7 machines that run the 64 bit OS including myself.
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    When will Apple support Win 7 64-bit?

    Can anyone shed some light on rumors or hard evidence of when Apple might support Win 7 64-bit so I can sync my contacts, calendar and tasks to Outlook 2010? This is killing me right now as I rely on my calendar and contacts in my iPhone. Anyone have any ideas?
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    3.1.2 blackra1n to 3.1.3 sn0wbreeze

    I am currently on blackra1n on 3.1.2 on my 3G. This is my first successful JB and I want to make sure its a smooth process when I go to 3.1.3 with sn0wbreeze. Whats the best way to JB my phone again? I want to minimize any problems so I need your help. I have searched for a similar thread but...
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    3G lag after blackra1n JB

    Does anyone know if there is a solution to the lag problems after JB'ing with blackra1n on a 3G iPhone? Everything seems to lag quite a bit now since I JB'd. Sometimes its not so bad other times it is. Any help or insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    iTunes Freezes During Sync

    Anyone know what might be causing this? I just moved over from XP to Windows 7 with a clean install and also copied my backup files over. I have synced 3 or 4 times with no problem and then now all of a sudden I can't get through a backup/sync with iTunes completely freezing. The only way I can...
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    How to copy iPhone backup and apps to new iTunes

    Hi, I just upgraded to Windows 7 and am wondering how I can pull my iPhone backup files along with my apps over to a new install of iTunes? I also just noticed that I am now at 4 of 5 authorized computers but I only have iTunes running on my laptop and home computer which I just upgraded. Since...
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    Charging iPhone

    does anyone know if it matters whether or not its ok to leave your iPhone on the dock all day charging? I am not sure if this will have any effect on the battery. Let me know. Thanks.
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    blackra1n upgrade with Windows 7

    I am getting ready to reformat my harddrive and upgrade to a fresh copy of Windows 7. I was going to JB with blackra1n but wondering if I should wait until I upgrade my computer first? Does that matter? In terms of just the software upgrade, can anyone tell me what the best way to make sure I...