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    Sports Tap - Scores and Stats AWESOME!
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    Viewing picture messages on web takes forever

    yes we all know that sending MMS is easy that way, but getting it totally sucks... there has to be some reason why Apple/Att didn't include it on the phone.
  3. J

    Sending Multimedia texts? (FACEBOOK)

    I am still trying to figure out WHY they left this feature out... there has to be a reason that benefits either Apple or ATT.
  4. J

    Viewing picture messages on web takes forever

    I love this phone, BUT it really does piss me off that my friggin' iPhone does not have easy picture messaging when even the most ghetto phones out there support it... it makes my blood boil when I get that "I sent you a multimedia message you can view blah blah blah" and then you have to go...
  5. J

    Possible remedies for scratches on the chrome trim?

    I have used tooth paste with good results..
  6. J

    charging on the plane

    I have one that I used with my iPod Video for the 14 hour flights to Asia.. it works great!
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    An iPhone is NOT an Blackberry

    my iPhone has eclipsed everything my BB needed to do for my businesss... it's on eBay now if anyone wants it...
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    movie long batteries last?

    funny, I watched that movie on my iPhone last night while waiting for a plane.
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    Check and record your iPhone network Speed

    Wifi 1075 Edge 107 Agggrhh!
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    I would say that only ever having Apple computers I would have to say it just fits my brain better than any other phone or PDA. you know the ones that would never sync 100% of the info you need or after payng a grip of money on a "Smart" phone you having to cough up $30 more for third party...
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    Bandwidth Tests - not good.

    I am also in So Cal & it SUCKS!
  12. J

    How Long Did You Wait?

    13 hours 3rd in line 8GB & Jawbone
  13. J

    The iPhone launch report card

    My personal feelings and dealings with the launch is that I had a great & flawless experience. I am sure it was because I was already on ATT and only use Mac computers.
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    Do you type one finger or two thumbs?

    I did find it a bit funky to use two thumbs due to the thin size, but when I got a Cellet skin for it (sorry Rob, but they had it in stock at the Apple store) it was much easier to type.
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    are .Mac email accounts pushing?

    if only...
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    are .Mac email accounts pushing?

    I didn't think that the .mac email accounts pushed, but I am pretty sure it is. am I wrong? I did a test with my other 2 yahoo accounts and they all ended up on the iPhone with out manually doing it!
  17. J

    Is Apple mail free? .Mac accounts?

    I find .mac very worth the $99 a year just for the storage & syncing of my computers nightly alone.
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    How to send text messages to more than one recipient?

    What A Bummer!
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    AT&T Has a 5 Year Lock on iPhone

    I bet it is something from Sony...
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    Is the iPhone worth it?

    Yes It Is...