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    Urgent! Restore phone from new, all contacts gone-

    I got the iPhone 4S and the battery life sucked so bad. Took to Apple and they said to restore as new. I backed up and everything but since I restored as new, my phone has no contact whatsoever, if i restore from backup in itune again will this be messed up again? How do i get my...
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    iPhone 4 availability in AT&T stores? Also, another question

    I dropped my iPhone 3g (dumb, accidentally put my phone on top of my car and didn't notice), LCD is completely broken, does not work. I need to get a new iPhone 4. The issue is as follows: My company is getting us all new iPhone 4 next year, that's why I'm holding on to my 3G until then...
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    eBay question

    I need some advice here. I sold my old first gen iPhone on ebay, with pictures and everything stating that there are minor scratches in the back, I took pictures in every angle possible to show the condition of the phone. The buyer got the phone and said it's more scratched than described and...
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    ZiPhone jailbroken 1.1.3 wanting to upgrade to 2.0

    I have a first gen running on 1.1.4 jailbroken with ziPhone (NOT unlocked), i'm with AT&T. I want to upgrade to 2.0 but have a few questions- 1. SHould I completely reset the phone like a new phone from iTunes? Will I lose all my contacts? Or can I sync it with yahoo contact and then sync...
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    Traveling- turning off edge?

    I'm paranoid about the roaming/data charges...last time I went to HK, I took out the SIM card. Is it possible to just go to settings-network- and disable data on the phone to avoid charges? What if ppl call me and leave me voicemail, will I be charged? Or should I just take out my sim? (I'm...
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    iPhone won't ring

    I checked, the mute button on the side is not on. I can play music through speaker, when I have new sms, email it beeps, but ringtone is not working even when I use the stock ringtones! I installed sendsong, and used iPhonetonemaker, but tried to select stock ringtones and it just won't ring? I...
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    WIFI WEP HEX option not on my phone

    I'm really frustrated trying to get WIFI to work onmy home network. It works anywhere else where no password is required. I tried forget the network, manually typing in the network name, i read on the forum that I'm suppose to select the arrorw, then select WEP/HEX password, but I don't have...
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    Upgrade from 1.0.2 (jailbroken) to 1.1.1 lose applications?

    Now that 1.1.1 is pretty stable, I would love to upgrade to 1.1.1 My phone came with 1.0 (original) versio firmware, and I downloaded the 1.0.2 firmware somewhere and restore to that via iTunes. Phone is jailbroken, and installed tons of apps , but not unlocked. I use att so no need to worry...
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    Phone calls goes to voicemail when connecting to edge?

    I've missed several phone calls (that went directly to voicemail) while I'm checking email or using edge. I thought it would hault edge and let you answer the call? This morning, i was checking email, (says connecting), and then after I was done, i have a voicemail that my phone never rung...
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    How do i make it so icons are over wallpaper?

    I use the stock themes from summerboard. How can i make it so that the icons are floating on top of my wallpaper instead of just over black?
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    Notes on Calendar?

    Can you add notes on calendar without associating it with a certain time? For example, I need to remember that I paid $8 tolls that day so that when I do my expense report I'll add that in. Is it possible?
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    Dumb question about charging

    My work laptop does not have XP SP2, and iTunes won't recognize the phone. I travel for work a lot and i don't want to bring the wall charger in fear of losing it. Can i use the usb cord to charge even though the system won't recognize it?
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    Cannot delete one song in iBrickr

    I converted a song in goldwave to make it louder and try to upload via iBrickr and failed. Now it appears as gibberish both on the fake iPhone thingy in iBrickr as well as my phone, and I can't delete it from iBrickr. It is still there no matter what I do. Any suggestions?
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    Where do you put your phone when you're driving?

    When i had my other cell phones, I just leave them on the passenger seat, if i have to break, the phone may fall off and go straight to the I am a lot more paranoid with my Apple products... do you have a thing to put the ipod in when you're driving? If i put it in my purse, i will...
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    Do I need an adaptor for Aux out?

    I have a car that comes with the aux out thing in the stock car stereo. i've been just using a simple cable (sorry, don't know what it's called), just from stereo to ipod with no problems. I tried to plug into the iPhone, it sorta fits, but sound was not coming out. I searched the forums, and I...
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    iBrickr question! Urgent

    In the process of usng ibricker, i'm in iTunes promting me to restore , i tried shift control restore and it has a promt asking "automatically checking for iTunes nad iPhone updates is disable, woudl you like iTunes to check for a new iPhone software udpate? I hit cancel, and it won't do...
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    Last Question before I do iBrickr

    Hi everyone, I am about to take the plunge to mod my phone to install some cool 3rd party software, just some last questions before i do it! My stock iPhone was running 1.0, i upgraded to 1.02 with the control shift restore process, I have the most current version of iTunes. I am an ATT data...
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    Beejive anyone? no MSN?

    I just tried to use to do IM chats, but according to the website, MSN is supported, but i don' see it once i load that webpage on iPhone.. anyone tried?
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    How do I close Safari so it's not running edge on background?

    I don't want to drain my battery, if i opened up a webpage on safari, i don't' know how to close it. I can close safari if there are multiple browsers/pages open, but if i'm down to the only one page, it won't let me close it (no red cross on left upper corner). I want to make sure if i press on...
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    Newbie iBrickr question

    Hi everyone! I just got my iPhone a few days ago and I'm loving it! I guess I'm kinda lucky, the phone I got still have the 1.0 firmware. I upgraded the firmware to 1.0.2 and I am itching to jailbreak it. I am using AT&T data plan and do not intend to unlock the phone. What I do want to...