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  1. asuandy

    Does washing the Revo really help with lint?

    I have seen it posted on here, but I wanted to verify before I tried. So far I like my Revo (Nighthawk), but it's a lint magnet :(
  2. asuandy

    How do you fix a huge "other" file on your iPhone

    I have seen this posted, but a search didn't bring anything up. Somehow, my sync got messed up and I now have a 1.5GB "other" file on my iPhone. How do I fix it? thanks for the help :2cool:
  3. asuandy

    I need some battery advice

    I never use wifi, rarely get online with EDGE, and hardly ever use the iPod features. My typical usage is texting and email with a little talking. I am getting around 4 hours use and 13 hours of standby with around 1/4 of my battery left. I can NOT go more than a day and a half between charges...
  4. asuandy

    Does Anyone's "Push" Email work?

    Mine worked for the first day and then stopped completely. Any tips or advice would be awesome. :laugh2:
  5. asuandy

    Light scratches on bezel normal after 1 day

    I took the plunge on Saturday and got an iPhone. Today I am noticing very light little "dings" in the chrome that is closest to the screen. I carry it in my pocket by itself and there is no debri in the pocket either. I am just wondering how bad its going to be in a month :tounge:
  6. asuandy

    How realistic is an iPhone for everyday use?

    I had a 8GB, but took it back as I had buyers remorse over the total cost of having to cancel my Tmobile contract, but now I'm having remorse AGAIN over not having one because I am a whore for everything Apple. I have 2 iPods and my personal computer is a Macbook, so having an Apple cell phone...