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  1. Lisa22

    Putting in periods for dictation

    Is this a bug or an I doing it wrong? I'm used to say the word period and get a dot. Now I get nothing but the word "period." "Comma" and "question mark" work as before.
  2. Lisa22

    Slow loading pages on iPad mini.

    Just a quick tip. In case you're experiencing this on the mini, I have found that turning off location services and switching to the opera mini browser has helped a lot. Sent using iCafe app
  3. Lisa22

    Would you still purchase one

    For a senior citizen? All my mom can do is watch netflix , check email and Facebook, and occasionally a little bit of web browsing or a you tube. Is it still working good enough for that or have the current upgrades made it outdated and useless? I can get her a used one so cheap, I...