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  1. impaler

    iOS 5.1.1 Update Thread

    Looking forward to installing this on all our iPads (3) and iPhones (2) tonight!
  2. impaler email question

    iOS 5 will allow you to use both MobileMe and iCloud least until you migrate your MobileMe account to iCloud, or July 1, 2012, whichever occurs first. MobileMe to iCloud Transition
  3. impaler

    AT&T reception booster

    Yeah, it would be interesting. I think if AT&T offered to put their "boosters" that, say, work for 5-10 houses, on people's property free of charge to the owner, they could use their real estate while providing better cellular coverage to folks in that area. Might be able to even figure out how...
  4. impaler

    Help! iTunes duplicated around 80 gigs!

    I feel for you - when I enabled iTunes Match and started replacing files with higher-quality 256kbps AAC files, iTunes did not erase the originals--so I wound up going from 17,000 tracks to well over 29,000...the way to do it right was to go through every single folder, look at the files, and...
  5. impaler

    iTunes Match Download on iPhone

    If it's trying to download my entire iTunes Match library (which it's shown it doesn't work that way), that's more like 130GB (I upgraded everything it matched to 256kbps AAC files). Maybe it's syncing playlists?
  6. impaler

    I am absolutely fed up with my iPad since iOS 5.

    I wouldn't go as far as you have, comparing it to a M$ device, but since the 5.x upgrade to my first-gen iPad, it's really laggy and slow. Really just awful. Never was an issue with 4.x or even with the 5.x betas I used. It seems to be an app though, because when I go force close all my apps...
  7. impaler

    iTunes Match Download on iPhone

    I have 18K+ tracks in iTunes Match, and all is well at home and on my Apple TV, for streaming the music. When I enable iTunes Match on my iPhone 4S, it seems to pull a bunch of data, as the activity meter is spinning around in the Music app. I didn't enable iTunes Match to show the entire...
  8. impaler

    Voice to text not working?

    Try resetting your phone.
  9. impaler

    Watching online TV

    Basically, no. The closest thing to watching "live" TV on the iPhone would be for an app to provide content on a real-time basis. For instance, John Gruber, from, has praised the MLB app for being able to watch live baseball games. But it's an exception to the rule.
  10. impaler

    iPhone Signal meanings

    If you had, say, a US-based iPhone, it would say ROGERS, vice AT&T, when you're in Canada. Thererfore, you'd know you weren't on your home network and would be assessed insane charges for pulling any data off ROGERS' network, unless you were on an international plan.
  11. impaler

    AT&T reception booster

    Yeah, I know what it does, just asking if it's worth it. It's a big, modern house, just located off the beaten path.
  12. impaler

    iPhone Signal meanings

    If you're showing an "O", you DO have data. Barely. The "O" on GSM phones refers to GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), old technology, which is true 2G's even slower than EDGE. EDGE is really more like 2.5G, whereas HSPA/UMTS is 3G. You're not roaming on GPRS, you're on an AT&T or...
  13. impaler

    AT&T reception booster

    I'm moving to a house in the woods in January that the AT&T map is showing "Good" coverage only...not best and not moderate. I am used to five bars now...and want to avoid a landline if possible. Think the Microcell would be a good idea?
  14. impaler

    What carrier do you have for your iPhone ? And which iPhone do you have ?

    You know, I'm 100% with you on this...these are the EXACT reasons I stuck with AT&T, begrudgingly, even though I wanted to change carriers and dump them.
  15. impaler

    The iPhone Is Perfect.

    Well of course he's not making decisions--but he's also left several generations of products in the pipeline for Cook and crew. We shall see where it goes from here. It's all speculation by us all.
  16. impaler

    Lack of Option for EDGE

    I thought it was weird that we didn't have the option to force 2.5G EDGE service on the GSM side, beginning with iOS 5. In the DC metro area, sometimes my old 3GS held onto calls better on EDGE than 3G, and I wish I had the option. Anyone else feel this way? I guess 3G is ubiquitous...
  17. impaler

    The iPhone Is Perfect.

    If Steve Jobs' legacy holds true, he was working on eliminating buttons's a design aesthetic he's held for a long time. I see it going away eventually, for a touch panel of some a mini track pad...seen some design workups online.
  18. impaler

    What does iMessage do and why would I use it?

    Bear in mind, the person you're sending to must turn on read receipts (their option) for you to know when they read something you send.
  19. impaler

    What does iMessage do and why would I use it?

    To clarify, not only must they have an iOS device, they must have a device running iOS 5. As far as its real benefits, my girlfriend and I both have 4Ss, mine on AT&T, hers on Sprint, and we use iMessage all the time. Most of my outbound messages are colored blue, which tells me they're sent...