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  1. lilnef

    confused about update?

    When the sofware update comes,how are us that jailbreak gonna go about updatiing if we want to?
  2. lilnef

    What's the best app to hide text

    is there any apps to hide or even lock your text messages?
  3. lilnef

    different comp

    is there a way i can get songs of a friends computer and not erase mine using iTunes
  4. lilnef


    Hello i've been trying to sync my powerpoint to my iPhone with no luck.. I have a windows computer and just need to save my powerpoint to my iPhone to transfer it to a different computer.. This is kind of urgent... need it by school tomorrow:angry:
  5. lilnef

    Camera zoom?

    I'm just getting acquainted with the iPhone, specifically the camera. I cannot seem to find how to zoom. Is there any zoom capability on the camera?
  6. lilnef

    u kno what really grinds my gears

    that a small carrier helio is offering a phone with 3G and ATT only gives us edge.
  7. lilnef


    hmm i was just wondering what firewall and/or what anti virus program everyone is running,. im running zonealarm secuirty suite. cost money but seems effective.. what are you running.
  8. lilnef

    myspace trouble

    is anyone else haveing a problem when logging into myspace. I tried on my computer, works fine but on my iPhone i get a error page
  9. lilnef

    Glass got a little crack

    Do you think Apple would fix a small crack im the screen i don't care what it cost?
  10. lilnef

    slight scratch on screen

    My iPhone is still under its 14 day return thing. I have a scratch on my screen. I wouldn't think Apple would exchange my iPhone because of this so what should i do. My friend said i should complain about battery life and stuff and not mention the scratch, but im not sure what to do. Please...
  11. lilnef

    can someone help me check

    Can someone help me check if i have a 7 series LCD or a 5 series LCD
  12. lilnef

    WiFi at mcdonalds

    My local mcdonalds offers wifi connection just wondering if all of the mcdonalds are doing the same