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  1. chazm

    iPad mini and 8.0 do not mix

    After I installed 8.0 I noticed everything on my iPad mini was much slower. Opening apps, typing in safari etc. So today I decided to reset my iPad back to new. Still, it's so slow. Anyone else notice that? Sent using iCafe app
  2. chazm

    How do you make music files in iCloud only?

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask or not, but it is about software and I use ios8. But I have a iPhone 5 16gb and I am out of memory until my iPhone 6 Plus comes in. I don't want to delete my music but I notice that some songs, like the U2 album, doesn't take up memory. If I want to...
  3. chazm

    AT&T Mobile insurance question

    I just got an email from AT&T that you can get mobile insurance for $6.99 right now even if you didn't just buy it. I assumed this excludes the iPhone but it doesn't exclude it. Covers theft, damage, water damage and out of warranty failure. Is that correct? Sent using iCafe app
  4. chazm

    iPad mini vs. iPad 3

    I work with seniors that are on Medicare and during our busy season, one of my companies that I work with gave me a iPad 3 to use. I've had it since the end of September and about 10 days ago that same company gave me an iPad mini to use along with it. Both devices will be returned on December...
  5. chazm

    Can't change text alerts

    My phone crashed the other day and I noticed the settings were reset after the crash. Now when someone text me or leaves a voicemail, it alerts me twice if I don't check it. I know there's a way to change that setting back to one alert but I can't find it ANYWHERE. Any help?
  6. chazm

    Camera Roll doesn't sync

    I recently tried to JB my phone and in doing so I made sure to back up my iPhone to my computer. After I restored my phone and synced again, I noticed most of my camera roll was gone. I thought maybe I messed up syncing somewhere but right now I am trying to sync my girl friends phone and after...
  7. chazm

    Calendar not showing in notification

    I can't figure this out. My GF and friends iPhone shows the calendar in the notification. For some reason mine won't. What am I doing wrong? Here's the set up
  8. chazm

    For those who have sold your iPhone 4

    How much are you getting? I just sold my iPhone 4 16gb black with a case for $360 on eBay. Gotta use a Samsung captivate until Friday but I'm excited to get my new phone!
  9. chazm

    Samsung's reaction to iPhone 4s? Won't lie, got me kinda interested. The Samsung galaxy S2 is already nice. What now?
  10. chazm

    September release?

    I thought it was already known that the iPhone 5/ 4S is coming out in Sept. but after searching this site I guess it's still only rumored. Anyhow, here's the latest article I found on the issue
  11. chazm

    Tango -better than fring-

    Found a new app called Tango that let's you use FaceTime over 3G and cross platform. I know Fring does it, but I could never get it to work properly
  12. chazm

    Problem when D/L apps

    I don't think this should be in the app forum because it's a problem I'm having with my phone and I'm not reviewing an app, but move if needed. My problem is, I've downloaded two apps in the app store in the last couple of days and when I do I get these two add ons on the bottom and I can't...
  13. chazm

    Gotta tip my hat to iDiscrete

    I have no affiliation to these people but they made an amazing app. I have a lot of ex girlfriend nude pics and vids on email and my computer but it always sucked that I couldn't keep it on my phone camera roll. If a girl friend or parent saw them it prob. wouldn't be cool. So I was comparing...
  14. chazm

    Layering problem with home screen

    Have a new issue and I wanted to see if this has happened to anyone else and how to fix it before I do a restore. If you look at the top of the pic you can see the time with a lighter layer behind it with a previous time. Also you can notice it with the battery. If I scroll to page 2 the...
  15. chazm

    Thinking of Switching back to iPhone from EVO

    I had all the iPhones and I really loved them all. But, on June 4th I switched over to the EVO. I actually really like the phone and have fallen in love with the big screen, I was worried it might be too big but it is perfect. I do have some problems though, it has some bugs to be worked out...
  16. chazm

    I welcome myself Back!

    Back in September I sold my iPhone 3g 16 for $400 on ebay (money issues) and FINALLY after 4 months without the iPhone and using a very very very bad phone (LG CU920) I purchased a refurb 3g 8gig for $50 on I am so happy to be back, well I will be when I get the phone in the mail in a...
  17. chazm

    Have ? About Vibe II

    Can someone here with the V Moda Vibe 2 tell me if your song will change to the next one if you double click the button on the cord? The instructions said they will but mine does not.
  18. chazm

    Anyone addicted to TapDefense?

    This game is really fun, I can play it for hours at work. So far I can get to level 21 on Hard, been playing for a few days now. get it here
  19. chazm

    How to get incoming call Pic small?

    On the comercials I see a small pic of the person's face who is calling. When someone calls me its a big pic and you really can't see the person. My friend says if you drag the pic from your computer on outlook to your phone, the pic will stay small. I don't use outlook, do I need to just...
  20. chazm

    How to sync Web Favorites

    I can't seem to remember how to sync my PC internet favorites to my iPhone. Ive done it before and ive searched for the last hour. Can anyone tell me?