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    Syncing a different iPod iPod to iTunes

    I'm afraid you can't do that. I think one iTunes ID allowed per computer.
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    torrent app for iPhone?

    I don't think there are any, but agree with you it would be awesome ..
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    WiFi has gotten extremely poor lately

    Hi oldbean Personally I'd recommend that you don't tamper with the antenna on your own. Best to replace it with a new iPhone - the 3G is getting kind of dated.
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    Anyone know how to downgrade from 4.0.1 to 3.1.3 firmware?

    I would not suggest downgrading. Whether or not you jailbreak, downgrading is dangerous and will potentially screw your phone so bad you can't get back.
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    Apple Approves Skyfire Browser That Can Play Flash Video

    Good news, I'll go check out this Skyfire browser. It's been a long wait for Flash video!
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    iPhone 4 + Skype + Google Voice

    Nice tips! I've not set up Skype with my iPhone and this is a good starting point.
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    Good Ole Google Maps

    Google is just the company of the new millennium. Although they've been getting heat in terms of privacy issues, I still think they are a heck of a lot better than Microsoft and IBM, who are these days more "followers" than "leaders" compared to Google.
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    Any iPhone IP blocker?

    I've not seen any such client, but I;m sure they'll come up soon because of the amount of illegal download apps we're seeing on the iPhone.
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    File locations

    You can try getting an app that allows you to "browse" the folders on your device. There are some lying around in the App Store.
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    Guess what?

    Congrats! I have always been a PC laptop user and converted only recently. Way to go!
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    I think this should be reported - classified as spam :(
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Welcome aboard! Enjoy the forums.
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    Planes, trains n automobiles - ah wonderful movie!
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    The new windows 7 phone OS

    The user interface does seem a tad boring on the windows phone.
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    Sync iPhone with computer through different means (mobile me style)

    Check the app store. Tons of apps for synching with google calendar
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    switch from windows to Mac

    I don't think you will lose your existing iTunes or other stuff. There is always a way to port things over to a Mac. I had zero problems when I made the switch.
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    Most favorite iPhone games

    I love physics games too!
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    MacBook Pro I Made The Move Over ~ but Question

    I faced the same issue before. On a Mac you have to go through iPhoto.
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    Changed battery and WiFi dosent work now.....

    Please don't open up your iPhone on your own. Not recommended
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    In general you need a screen protector whether it's an iPad or iPhone. It's too dangerous to assume it's scratch proof.